By Peace Wobo
How many of us still remember the World Cup Match between Nigeria and Iceland which was played on 22nd June 2018? Nigeria defeated Iceland by 2 goals to nothing, goals scored by Musa. I still remember that match and I can never forget the lesson I learnt that faithful day. Though Musa scored both goals and got all the praise of Super Eagles fans and even some supporting African Countries but I realised this; Musa couldn't have made it without the team's effort and that brings me to this conclusion:
Sometimes you need to pause and thank God for the person or persons that is/are  praying for you. Every success you enjoy is not by your hard work or  prayers alone. When you make it, people will celebrate you and sing your praises but will pay little or no attention to those who prayed, encouraged and stood by you all the while but you know most of them, so take out time to appreciate God for their lives and equally be a blessing to them.

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Just Peaceable Peace

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Friday said…
God bless you for this piece. It's timely
Peaceable Peace said…
Amen, thanks to Him alone. Remain blessed
Ijeoma said…
Thank God for everyone that ever prayed for me.