Happy new year once again. To be honest am very excited to know that we all made it through, congrats. Welcome to this segment of Talk Your Mind and feel free to express yourself as a Nigerian.
Some people are of the opinion that our system of government is not our major problem in this country. Well, am not politicizing or trying to abuse the government or instigate people to abuse anybody, I just feel like speaking my mind which I believe is our major problem in this country and you can equally speak your mind, who knows; maybe our system of government will be changed for good after this article. That’s actually my prayer.
The System of Government I’ve grown to be used to in my Fatherland is far different from what I was taught in Government and far different from the Federal System of Government America practices.
So, based on my knowledge, experience and judgment, our system of government is our major problem. How can you tell me that you want to solve a problem while avoiding the root cause of that problem?
What is Federal System of Government? It is a system of government whereby power is shared by a powerful central government and states or provinces that are given considerable self-rule, usually through their own legislatures.  I don’t want to go into much details on the characteristics/features of Federal System of Government but the truth is that we are practicing adulterated or partial or incomplete Federal System of Government, truth be told I don’t really know what to actually call it and I also don’t know who to blame because the present Government and the Government before it, before it, before it, equally met it so.

So, am not in any way blaming the present Administration for this but am noting that something can be done about it, I was expecting that someone will rise up to do something about it. If the foundation be faulty, how can the building stand? That’s why our government is struggling because you can never build truth on lies. No way! Can you start building a house from the rooftop? Impossible! If anyone really want to effect any lasting change then the person must start with the root cause of that problem or else all effort will be wasted at the end. I was thinking that there will be a Presidential Candidate who will have the mind of actually changing that, but I haven’t seen or heard, or have you? If you have, please tell me, that’s the candidate I would love to vote for.

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Yes, it is good to pray for our country but there are other countries that are not even praying as much as we do, yet they are doing well. Why? Prayer is not in the success equation, decision making is, as one preacher rightly said. Please don’t misunderstand me, as Christians, is necessary we pray about everything but our prayers without making decisions to effect what we want is as good as not praying at all.
I don’t know about you, but I want a feel of true Federalism.
Don’t sell your vote, it is your “Franchise” exercise it. 

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