Seriously speaking, the system of our country (🇳🇬) is so frustrating that it can cause people to go mad yet the land is so blessed. That we are still sane, sound and healthy in this country is just by God's grace. Some mad people you see in the streets is as a result of psychological breakdown. 

Honestly, Where are We Headed? Those who have made it will always tell you their success story stating how they persevered, some of them did some terrible things which they will never open up to anyone, some indeed made it by God's grace after so much insult, humiliation and struggle until help came their way. Some others also tried their best but never made it. 

It is painful that one will struggle to gain admission, struggle to pay fees and buy hand-outs/textbooks, suffer in the hands of lectures and Project Supervisors especially when you refuse to dance to their tones, some that are not too strong will have to give in just so they can graduate and leave school. After all these suffering, no plan for you as a graduate, the system has no plan for graduates that institutions are producing every year. You suffer all through school only to come out to another face of suffering, the family that suffered and even starved at times just to pay your fees will keep feeding you after graduation and enter into another section of prayer and fasting for you to get a job, then you must know somebody "Ima nmadu" or bribe your way there except God shows up for you before you give up. 

What about the ASUU and ASUP strikes that adds extra one/two years to the years of study in school? Then this same system will offer jobs stating that you must not be above 25-28 years of age. Forcing people to lies unnecessarily because they are helpless. What is all these?

The rich are getting richer whereas the poor are getting poorer. The politicians are jeopardizing our rights for the benefit of their own generation. None of their children experiences what we experience because they all send them Abroad to study with our money. 

The system is frustrating enough to turn any young lady into a harlot, any young man into yahoo boy, assassin, arm robber and whatever you can think of, it will only take the fear and the love of God to keep yourself from doing evil. The same politicians abuse the helpless state of our young men  for their evil and selfish advantage.
The system is so bad that only God's grace has been able to sustain believers, some are falling out of faith because they are not too strong, unbelievers are getting depressed and are giving up on life.

There is no plan for the future generations. Pass out of school with lower, they will say you didn't do well that's why you're unable to secure a good job. Graduate with first class and distinction, you must know somebody, you can find 10 out of 1,000 Jobs that are based on merit, before the job placement on social medias, they already have someone for that advertised position. Some people will blame the course you studied as the reason you're not getting a job, it's only in Nigeria that some courses we offer in our institutions are not relevant after graduation, in other countries, every course is important and relevant, they create job opportunities for whatever course they offer in their institutions, in fact they create an environment for you to work while studying. Why must ours always be different? Making some people feel so irrelevant and useless after taking years, time, money and energy to go through a particular course which in most cases was even imposed on you by the institution and you decided to take it because JAMB has dealt with you and you have become tired of writing JAMB every year. What about the dichotomy between Polytechnic and University graduates? Ordinary Cleaning job or messenger in a company, you will write series of test in English, Maths, Science and General Knowledge, you will do written and oral interview, if you manage to pass all these, the salary is nothing to write home about.
The Christian society is busy fighting itself, debating about Christmas and no Christmas. Wetin! Who all these things help? Church fighting against Church, Preachers preaching against Preachers. While we are busy building Cathedrals, the Muslims are busy building their youths. I know of some Churches and Pastors that are trying but that is not enough. Muslims have an Islamic Bank that gives out loan to help their people. I don't know what CAN is doing. Don't we have Christians in power? Yet none is investing in our States. Is fighting for C.R.S to remain in UBE curriculum the only thing CAN can do? Are they leading us to pray without taking action? Let Christians Unite, and help ourselves. Why are we fighting ourselves?
CAN can come up with a Christian Bank that will be giving out loans to help their people start something. Each Church in this country can raise One Million Naira or more to that effect.
Fellow youths arise! Your destiny is in your hands, there is an idea that God put in you that is meant to create value and sustain you, find it, and use it to your rising. Love God and stop fighting brethren in other churches. Don't depend on the government to do anything for you, don't depend on any empty promises. 

Trust God, love Him, and serve Him in righteousness and He will definitely see you through. Don't allow the system to influence you negatively, be a good person, and maintain your integrity, live to please God not men.
If you like hate me for this one, I have spoken my mind and I will keep speaking as I see the need to.

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True talk... We need to fight on
True talk... We need to fight on
Unknown said…
You are very correct
Peaceable Peace said…
Yes ooo, don't give up.
Unknown said…
You are very correct. There is indeed no system, working structure or suitable person at any level of governance in nigeNig. God will come quickly and attend to this country.
Unknown said…
It's a totally messy situation in Nigeria. The truth is that the government who is expected to lead this recovery is handicapped. The solution has to come from the people now. It's hard, but we have to keep trying in our various personal hustle. I wish Nigeria a quick recovery.
Peaceable Peace said…
Indeed! We have to arise. The solution lies with each individual. God bless Nigeria

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