By Peace Wobo


You love someone who equally loves you as much or even more. Your meeting together happened in a way that you can’t even explain. I mean, it’s not the normal one whereby a guy has been admiring a lady for quite some time, or they both live in the same neighbourhood but never had opportunity to talk to each other until one day. No, you met the person, shared the gospel and you became friends from there. Good friends indeed, without having knowledge of where the person worshipped but you know that the person is a Christian. In the process of this friendship; you discovered that the person is morally sound, very caring and a good person but you are not sure of the person’s salvation even though the person claims to be born again. Not that the person lives a bad life or acts strange but you feel there should be more to it. You later discovered that the person is of different denomination though under Christianity and you are of a different denomination and at this point you are very much in love with him/her though you’ve been platonic friends all along.  The denomination is not just because it's a different church but different doctrine and practices. Knowing that your family will not accept a suitor from another Christian denomination such as his/hers, you are not also convinced about worshipping in his/her church and the person cannot change his/her church for you. To worsen the matter, your parents and pastors refuse the proposal instantly without wanting to give it a second thought.

Their reason been that all the qualities your lover has does not guarantee good marriage and that he/she is not genuinely born again but your heart loves this person. The person faces persecution from his/her own family too, that he/she can’t marry you because you are not a member of their church but both of you still love yourselves. What will you do in this kind of situation?
What decision will you take?
Go ahead and marry him/her against your parents and pastors instruction?

Iron out issues together and agree on where to worship?

Find out God’s will for your life and follow through?

I will advise you go for option three because your heart might not be leading you right. Naturally the heart loves people with good qualities, so love is not enough, you need to know the will of God for your marriage.

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Peaceable Peace said…
This is an issue that most people are suffering from, some end up making mistake, yet we don't want to talk about it so we can help ourselves.
Peace Onyendi said…
This is a serious issue, for me I don't think I will go ahead with the relationship because there will no agreement between the two in-terms of belief.
Peaceable Peace said…
It's indeed serious @Peace Onyendi. You have also made a good point.