Levels of Satan's accusations

Some key lessons from this book that I feel every believer should hear and know.

Satan's accusations function on at least four levels:
1. He accuses God to us. Satan will point to the way God is fathering us, and he will say, "Look at how God is treating me! " (His accusations always sound like your own voice and your own thoughts, but they're actually his thoughts interjected into your mind). "I can't believe God is making me go through all of this. God is a tyrant. There is nothing good about the way He is treating me. How can I possibly trust Him when He is handling me this way?  He is not fulfilling His promises to me. I don't think He ever will, either". Satan wants us to adopt an accusatory posture toward God. That's why loving God in the midst of your pain is so powerful spiritually, doing warfare to Satan's schemes. 

2. He accuses us to God. He tells God, in our hearing, what abysmal failures we are. He recounts all our shortcomings, in technicolor and full detail. He paints us as being embarrassment to the kingdom of God. God is not fazed in the least by Satan's reviling, but sometimes we are. Sometimes we fear that God might be agreeing with our accuser. We begin to wonder if God is mad at us. If our hearts are not established in grace, we can feel dislodged from the love of God for us.

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3. He accuses us to each other. He will accuse other saints to me, causing me to doubt their walk with God. If Satan can get me to question the motives of my brothers and sisters, the next step is to convince me they question the same things in me. This, he designs to cause breaches of relationship in the body of Christ. 

4. He accuses us to ourselves. This is what Satan is especially good at. He is an expert at berating us for our sins and weaknesses - especially when we are desiring to draw close to the Lord. 

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