A bird and a fish in love

A bird and a fish can fall in love but the question is, where will they build their home? In the air; where half of the family can hardly survive or in the sea; where the other half can not survive? This is a food for thought with great lesson for everyone. 
Now,  let's relate  this to we humans, people often claim to have fallen in love, they end up marrying the wrong person refusing to heed warnings,  after some years, you begin to ask yourself if they were actually the same couple that claimed to have been so much in love some years ago. This is because a bird and a fish can fall in love but where they will build their home becomes an issue. A fish cannot survive in the air neither can a bird  survive in the sea.  There's no magic about this.
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The choice of a marriage partner is a very serious one and should be taken seriously. A Believer cannot afford to fall in love with an unbeliever because light and darkness has nothing in common. You are to love them by telling them how God loves them that He gave His only begotten Son, pray for them and win them to become disciples but don't love them to want to marry them. Nobody can convert anybody except by the grace of God, so don't tell me you can convert him or you can convert her, if it is not God's will, you will end up ruining your life just as the fish will end up dead outside water or the bird will end up dead in the sea after been married. Don't ever marry someone that doesn't share the same faith as you. Except in specific or rare cases were God clearly instructs a believer to marry an unbeliever because He wants to reveal His glory. Ordinarily, a believer should never think of marrying an unbeliever by claiming to be in love. You no fit carry ooo, I know what am saying.

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So, you must know that it is not just about falling in love but it is about falling in love with the right person and in line with God's will and standard. 

I hope I've been a blessing to you today?  Remain Blessed! 

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