By Peace Wobo

Have you ever come to the point of knowing and having understanding of what you want to say to your loved one but lacked the right words to put it in a well articulated manner; you just poured out your heart conveying your feelings to your beloved not paying attention to rules of grammar or being careful of plunder and making a mess of yourself? If yes, then you have truly being in love and this is what happens in the Secret Place. When we become lovesick we just flow, our eyes are fixed on our beloved with admiration beyond words. We just pour out our heart with the flow of His Spirit.

Bob Sorge puts it this way: There is a place of rich affection where, in the quiet of our garden, we invoke the gaze of our Beloved. We have knowledge, we understand what we are saying, but we say it anyways. "Fix Your eyes on me altogether lovely One!" Such a resolute heart gains His extravagant response. '''You have ravished My heart, My sister, My spouse; you have ravished my heart with one look of your eyes'''(Song of Solomon 4:9). Eyes locked, hearts burning...this is the secret place

Any man that is lovesick will always want more of his lover, he can never get tired of spending time with the one he loves and admires. When we understand the importance of the secret place as a result of our undying love for the LORD we cannot be pushed by anyone to spend time with Him in prayer.

Each time you spend time with your loved one, your heart is filled with gratitude which results to thanks.

When leaving the Secret Place, you leave with thanksgiving like this:
Thank You, Lord, for providing a way for me to surrender the burdens and stresses of everyday life and be renewed in Your presence. Thank You for the privilege of burning with fiery affection before the glory of Your ineffable splendor. Thank You for the rest that empowers me to complete the marathon. Thank You, Lord, for the secret place.

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