Apostle Joshua Selman speaks

Apostle Joshua Selman speaks:
I didn't start calling myself  "APOSTLE"..
There was no title to my name... I don't care about titles and am not able spot light person. I am a shy person and don't like too much attention..  My friends saw the grace of God at work in me and began calling me APOSTLE.. That's how the name got stuck to me. 

For many years I was begging people to stop calling me daddy or papa..I was very uncomfortable with it but people wouldn't stop and today it has gone beyond me..

It amazes me when I see young people today demanding loyalty and forcing titles upon themselves..
It is more than a title, it is a job description.
I was just focused on lifting the name of Jesus not my own name.

The Lord has told me over again he said:" SON, IF YOU WILL LET MEN SEE ME,  THERE IS NOTHING I WILL NOT GIVE YOU"..

today when I go to my place of prayer,  with tears in my eyes I say Lord you have been faithful and he replies,  no son,  we have been faithful.. 
MORAL LESSON: Avoid title consciousness above the work.. Don't get obsessed by it.There are men who get angry if they are called pastor instead of apostle..Don't get angry, just do your work. Focus on Jesus and the work you are called to do and not what men call you or do not call you.. Lift Jesus, when you do,  he will lift you up as a trophy and make you a sign and a wonder.

P.S: Learn humility

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