God Needs Your Skill

By Peace Wobo
God is in need of every skill you have, your skill; child of God is not a waste, no matter how common you feel it is, God needs it. While studying the Bible this morning, as I was reading and musing on Matthew 17, on getting to verse 25-27 few things were made very clear to me. Kings of this earth take custom and tribute from strangers.
Kings of earth in the Bible could represent present-day governors and presidents. That is to say that customs and tributes which can be considered as present day tax is to be taken from strangers and not from the children of that land. Children representing indigenous of a particular land. Verse 27 is my key verse today, I learnt an important lesson. Even though Jesus was not supposed to pay tribute because the children are free from paying tribute Jesus did pay tribute. This is a lesson the Lord has left for us all, sometimes forget about standing on your right for peace to reign, humility is not stupidity, follow peace with all men. Another thing is the usefulness of Peter's skill to the Lord because at this time Jesus was just with Peter and to get the money for the tribute he needed someone with fishing skill to catch the fish that has the money he needed at that time. What could have happened if Peter was not a skilled fisherman? You can say that the Lord would have found another way out which is true but Peter would have been useless to the service of the Lord at that point.

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I have learnt that in life, we are to take every opportunity given us seriously. If you have opportunity to learn a skill, learn it with all your might and all your strength. That skill may seem irrelevant to you today but as a child of God, the Lord will make something beautiful out of you through that skill. Who could have thought that fishing skill will at any point be useful in this account but God Who works in mysterious ways used that to make Peter a fisher of men. God is always making something out of nothing. It could have been a shame if Peter had claimed to be a fisherman without knowing how to fish. 
Whatever you are given an opportunity to learn today, you will be asked to produce results with it in the near future. Would you disappoint God when He's in dire need of your skill and be replaced by another because God never lacks a man or would you be useful like Peter?
Father, I pray that I will always be available to serve whenever You need me in Jesus name amen.

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