See Yourself as You would One Day Become

There was once an African Prince who was born a hunchback. On his twelfth birthday, his father, the king, asked him what would he like to receive as a birthday gift. Bent over and looking up, the boy replied, "I would like a statue of myself.'' Upon hearing of his child's desires, the father was confused. He wished he had never brought up the subject. 
The last thing in the world he never wanted for his young son was for him to be mocked. In an effort to change the boy's mind, the king asked, ''Certainly there must be something else that you want?'' But the prince replied, ''No, I want a statue of myself. But don't misunderstand me, Father. I do not want a statue of myself as I appear now. Rather, I would like a statue of how I would look if I stood straight! 

Well, the poor king was distraught. He thought his son's reasoning was even worse. Furthermore,'' said the prince, ''I'd like the figure to be placed outside my window in the garden, where I could see it every day.'' Reluctantly, his father finally agreed to his son's wishes, and the statue was erected. Every day, in a routine, methodical fashion, the boy would stand before his statue. Day in and day out he would stretch and reach and extend and strain to mimic the six foot replica. He did this without fail several times a day, each day, for eight years! On his twenty-first birthday something happened! The prince stood with his shoulders erect, head straight, staring eyeball to eyeball with his likeness. For this once humped-backed, four-foot-tall youth was now the epitome of strength and power, with a statuesque body and an equally impressive self-image. 
What was the young prince's secret? Well, as the poet says, ''what thou seest, that thou beest!'' How do you visualize yourself? What are the words, pictures, and images that cross your mind when you think of yourself? Get centered by seeing yourself as you really are-as you will one day become. Because words, pictures and images have incredible power. You must recognize this power and use it as if your life depended on it-because it does. No wonder the Bible says, that, ''Life and death are in the power of the tongue and they that love it, will eat the fruit thereof.

Don't let your present circumstances rob you of your glorious future. Dream big. Yes You Can!

From Chapel of Grace Bible Study Desk 2010/2011 Session (Nekede Owerri)

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