Why will God Lift You Up?

The Annual Convention of the Chapel of Victory Int'l Churches aka Victory Int'l Ministries has been on since on the 4th of this month and will end on 8th December. It will be wicked of me to gather all am gathering alone without bring it to your notice. It Rehoboth Convention tagged "Lifting Up".

To be candid with you, the Word of God has been coming expressly since the day one of this Convention. God indeed prepared these men of God and gave them His word for this Convention. Every message has been explosive! There is better understanding of lifting up. There is better understanding of why God let's men to cast us down and we go very down. If you have not been in this Convention and you haven't followed it online, believe me you have missed! It's not a joke. There is capacity building. See! A lot has happened, God has enlarged my capacity with greater understanding of why I should be lifted and seven areas of lifting I must experience as an individual. What are you still waiting for? Now, we have an understanding of why God let's His children go through some difficult times.
Let me give you Daddy's (Bishop Ayo Odunayo's) message  on areas of lifting.
There are seven areas of lifting up and they are: 
1. Spiritual Lifting Up: this has to do with you growing spiritually in your faith, in your walk with God, in your service to the kingdom. If you are not growing, you are backsliding.
2. Mental Lifting Up which is to move to a higher level of mental capacity. Your ability to think well, act wisely and achieve greater results. Exo.36:1
3. Emotional Lifting Up - is talking about growing in the ability to control your emotions, your reactions to people. It is about you becoming better in how you handle people when they hurt you. You have better control of yourself and how you control your appetite.
4. Physical Lifting Up is to live in health 3Jh.:2, Psa.91:3-4. God wants you to enjoy good health, He wants you to be sound in your health.
5. Career/Business/Education - God wants your life to be better in any of those areas which you are currently involved with Dan.1:9,17,20. God wants to make you better but you must identity who you are.
6. Financial Lifting Up - God wants you lifted in your finances. God wants you to excel financially. Poverty is not God's plan for His children.
7. Marital Lifting Up - God wants you to be lifted maritally. Ezek. 12:25. No more delays in marriages, no more barrenness. Be lifted!
How about Rev. Forbes message from Genesis 24 from verse 1 to the end. Short but life changing message, this message will keep you going when the devil and life circumstances comes to discourage me from serving the Lord. You need to keep watering your camel. You are serving God for yourself not for anybody and when you do it carelessly, you are short changing yourself. Rebekah watered those camel not knowing they were going to be hers the next day. How many camels have you neglected and allowed to die under your watch because your spiritual eyes were blind to see that they were going to be yours the next morning? Messages like this, opens your spiritual eyes to spiritual things. Your lifting up is tied to your attitude in the house of God were you have been planted. Please wherever you are serving, stay put and remain committed because you are doing it for your own lifting. Keep serving God faithfully, don't be discouraged, don't lose heart maybe you are just on the last camel.
If you can, find yourself in church today @ No.29 Victory Avenue Off Rumukalagbor Link Road Elekahia, Port Harcourt but if you are very far that you can't make it in person, just hook up and follow live By clicking here 

The Purpose of Lifting - (The Why):
1. To give God pleasure.
2. To lend to God. Example  - Hannah
3. To save others.

I love you and I want to see you lifted.

Note: God does not lift you as a person for your own personal transformation, God lifts a person for trans generational transformation.

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