How to Identify People Like Laban

By Peace Wobo
So Laban practiced divination.
Genesis 30:27 Laban said, "If you please, I have learned through divine inquiry that God has blessed me because of you."
Verse 27 clearly explains why Laban had deceived Jacob severally, he purposely gave him Leah, not because it was their tradition for the first daughter to marry first but so he could keep Jacob for another 7 years of free labour knowing he truly loved Rachel and by so doing he will get richer because God blessed him for Jacob's sake. He was enjoying the Blessing upon Jacob without giving anything in return.

How to identify People like Laban:

  1. Anyone who uses your services for little or no money at all.
  2. Anyone who wants you to depend on them for the rest of your life.
  3. Anyone who knows that you are valuable to his/her investment but refuses to value you in return.
  4. Anyone who makes promises but never comes to term with those promises.
  5. Anyone who keeps changing your wages, there is always a reason why you don't get your complete pay even when you deserve far more than that.
  6. They are sappers.
  7. Always unfair in their judgements.
Also check yourself while I check myself, if we are Labans, let's repent!
Labans are very wicked and cunning. They are good for as long as you are willing to keep sacrifing for their success at your expense, before you they sound very caring and nice but that's all you get. They only say how much they care but never show how much they claim to care. They are back stabbers, idea stealers and unfriendly friends. Imagine Laban going back on his promise to Jacob, the same day they reached an agreement for wages, the same day; he removed all the goats and sheep that could have been Jacob's wages and handed them to his sons (Gen 30:35). Unfortunately for people like Laban, God knows how to deal with them and can take away all He has blessed them with within a twinkle of an eye. (See Genesis 30:42-43)
Can you rob a man that carries "The Blessing"? Take away everything from him and see him rise higher than you ever met him because of the "Blessing". Someone that has been sustained with corn and wine. Oh Laban was ignorantly toiling with fire which he never knew would soon consume him.
Beloved! Don't ever rob a child of God that works for you especially when they are faithful in their service. Don't try it, because when God sees their affliction and begins to lift them, your fall is inevitable!
When that happens, people like Laban's sons will begin to fabricate rumours to tarnish their image but that does nothing to their blessing. It wouldn't add or remove anything from them because God has remembered them.

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