Dr Paul Eneche on The Peace of God

I bring you Dr. Paul Eneche's message from his home (church) on Sunday 25th April, 2020. We all need to hear a message like this at this time. It was an awesome time in God's presence, I was blessed and I know you will be blessed too.

Dr Paul Eneche
Snr Pastor Dunamis Int'l Gospel Centre
Message Topic: The Peace of God
Key Text: Phil 4:6-7
He centered his message on four major areas, which are:
1. Understanding what Peace is all about
2. Understanding the necessity of Peace
3. Understanding Scriptural Facts on Peace
4. Understanding the demands for Peace
It is important to note that Peace is a universal craving for all human. People want peace with themselves, that is to be at peace within themselves. Peace with their world and peace with God. This is the three levels of peace that people look for. People have done several things in an attempt to have peace. Solomon went ahead to marry 300 wives and had 700 concubines in an attempt to have peace but then he realized that he couldn't find peace in immorality. In Eccl.1:1-2 he exclaimed that all is vanity equals vanity. Alexander the great conquered several wars and when there were no more wars to conquer he felt frustrated. At his death, he poured all the diamonds and gold he has acquired because he couldn't find peace within himself.
Peace is a universal search. 
Understanding What Peace is all about:
What is Peace? Two definitions from the Oxford dictionary.
1. Peace is freedom from anxiety or distress. It is the state of tranquility or serenity.
2. Peace is a state or period in which there is no war or war has ended. It means freedom from crisis or conflicts.
Dr Paul Eneche's definition of Peace from the Scriptures:
3. Peace is the stability of heart and mind in the midst of confrontations or adversity. Having a feather that is unrolved in the midst of storm
4. The state of calmness and restfulness in the midst of pressure or urgencies. Peace gives you freedom from every form of tension. 
5. The state of quiet assurance and confidence under all circumstances. Isa. 32:17. Peace = Righteousness and Assurance.
You cannot be recruited into generational panic. People want you to fear their fear, and want you to panic their panic and want you to be pressed with their depression but you are normal. 
If this is what Peace is then Lord of Peace Himself give you peace.
2 Thesselonians 

What is the Necessity of Peace?:
1. Peace (the peace of God) is needed to withstand and overcome the regular pressures and troubles of this world. John 16:33. You need the peace of God so that you don't die before your time or become too old for your age.
2. Peace (the peace of God) is needed to confront and conquer sudden storms that may arise in your journey of life. Mark 4:35-39
3. Peace (the peace of God)  is needed for the workings of God. It is when man goes to rest from worries and anxieties that God goes to work. Acts 12:6-8, Exo.14:13, 2 Chron.20:17. Calm down and see the salvation of your God.
4. Peace (the peace of God) attracts instruction, revelation and direction from God. Psa.46:10. There is knowledge in stillness, there is something to know when you are at peace. Num.9:8, Isa. 55:12. If you need to be led you shall be led with peace.
5. Peace (the peace of God) is the fountain for true joy. Joy is key to strength. You cannot have joy if you lack peace. Proverbs 12:20, Rom. 15:13.
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