The Peace of God by Dr. Paul Eneche Continued

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Understanding Scriptural Facts of Peace
1. God is the God of peace. Meaning God is the owner, custodian and author of peace thereby it is impossible to have peace without God. Roms.16:20, 1 Corin.14:33, 1 Thessa.5:23, Heb.13:20-21 Something the NT describes God abundantly is as the God of peace. You are not permitted to know God and your life is pressure full, your life is crisis full, your life is peaceless.
2. Peace is a blessing and a provision of God for His people. He is not just a God of peace, He provides peace for His people. Psa. 29:11 - Peace is a blessing and provision of God. Isa.26:12 - Peace is an ordination for God's people.
Romans 14:17 - God's kingdom is a kingdom of peace and righteousness.
3. The covenant of peace connects God's people to the peace of God. You have to connect the peace by the covenant of peace, so peace is a covenant. Isa.54:10, Eze.34:25-26, 37:26, Mala. 2:4-5. We are a royal priesthood so the same covenant with the Levites is extendable to us today.
Covenant peace means demands to met by man and deliveries to be met by God. Rom.14:19.

Demands of Experiencing the Peace of God or Walking in the covenant of peace:
1. justification by faith - being born again. Rom.5:1, Isa.53:5, Luke 1:76,79, Ephe.2:14-16, Isa.9:6 Being born again is the entry point into the peace of God. Jesus came to guide our feet into the way of peace. 
2. The heart stayed on God. Isa.26:3, John 14:27
3. Handing over cares and worries to God. Phil.4:6-7, Matt.11:28-29, 1 Pet.5:7
anything that will steal your pleasure is that thing that you haven't handed over to God.
4. Intimacy with God. Everyone who hangs around fire must feel hot. One thing you will never miss is peace when you spend quality time with God. Job 22:21
Get to know, familiarize with Him, stay with Him and you shall find peace.
5. Harkening to His word and commandment. Psa.119:165, Proverbs 3:2, Isa.48:18, Acts 10:36. Lovers of the Book of God are carriers of His peace. Distance from the Bible is distance from peace.
6. Access to the voice of God. Following the direction of God for your life attracts peace. Psa.23:2. If God is leading you, peace is not negotiable. Psa.85:8, John 16:33. Whatever you do that lacks peace God is not in it, peace is proof of guidance. Col.3:15
7. Walking in wisdom, widow is key to peace. 1 Kings 5:12, Prov. 3:13-17, James 3:17. Anywhere there is tension, there is a wisdom that is lacking.
8. The working of the spirit is the way of peace. Rom.14:17, Gala.5:22
9. Walking in meekness and humility. Psa.37:11 No proud person can experience peace. Phi4:9 - be humble, be teachable, be a learner so that you can have peace.
10. Walking in love and unity. Nobody can be in hatred and be at peace. Ephe .4:1-4, Col.3:15. Be charitable, be loving, touch lives and it will bring you peace. Be considerate of the feelings of others and it will bring you peace.
11. Walking in goodness and peacefulness. Don't be a wicked person who delights in taking peace from others. 2 Kings 9:22- can anybody who doesn't give peace have peace? Can an arm robber have peace? Can a ritualist have peace? Can a wicked ruler have peace? Isa.57:21, Rom.2:8-10, Isa. 48:22 You can't be jamming people's head and have peace. James 3:18
12. Walking in righteousness and in the fear of God. It's not possible for righteousness to be available and peace does not run towards it. Righteousness and peace are in love. If righteousness has worked on you the end of it is peace. Pea. 37:37, 85:10, Isa. 32:17, 59:7-8. Those who run in the way of evil will never know the way of peace.

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