My Real Family and My Dream Family

We all come from a family. There is nobody on earth that didn't come from a family, even the orphans once had a family. Nobody is without a family root and no other person can be without a family root except Melchizedek. 

As we grow in our families, we begin to realise or discover that no matter how wonderful our parents are, there are still some mistakes they made which we don't want to repeat. Mistakes they wished they never made. I believe if they knew better they wouldn't have made those mistakes some they even did thinking it was for our own good. Often times, those mistakes come back to hunt the children especially when they are no longer there. When this happens, we want to blame our late parents or wish they never gave birth to us or we were never born in our family, but I want us to know that God has a purpose for placing each of us in our various families. We are there for a purpose which we have to fulfill. Stop complaining and wishing that you were born in a different family which you think is better than yours because, even that perfect family you are wishing to have come from have their own issues too.

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So, what's the way out when your real family is not your dream family? 
First and foremost, find your purpose in life by receiving Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and personal Saviour. 
Secondly, appreciate God for your wonderful family because all family in heaven and on earth are named after God (see Ephesians 3:14-15).
Thirdly, work towards making your real family your dream family. Example: If want a family filled with love but your siblings are selfish and uncaring, start by being selfless and caring towards them. Show them love. Pray for them, what you want, first do for others. Fourthly, note where your parents failed, know their mistakes and propose not to repeat those mistakes. Tell yourself that you will do better and work towards becoming a better person.
And lastly, trust in the Lord with all your heart and never lean on your understanding for anything, believe in yourself, believe that you are unique and wonderful, there is nobody like you in these whole world, you have something to offer.
Peaceable Peace Cares!

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