How to know if you are eating bread baked with shit

Ezekiel 4:9 "Next I want you to take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, dried millet and spelt, and mix them in a bowl to make a flat bread. This is your food ration for the 390 days you lie on your side.

:10 Measure out about half a pound for each day and eat it on schedule.

:11 Also measure out your daily ration of about a pint of water and drink it on schedule.

:12 Eat the bread as you would a muffin. Bake the muffins out in the open where everyone can see you, using dried human dung for fuel."

:13 God said, "This is what the people of Israel are going to do: Among the pagan nations where I will drive them, they will eat foods that are strictly taboo to a holy people."

:14 I said, "God, my Master! Never! I've never contaminated myself with food like that. Since my youth I've never eaten anything forbidden by law, nothing found dead or violated by wild animals. I've never taken a single bite of forbidden food."

:15 "All right," he said. "I'll let you bake your bread over cow dung instead of human dung."

:16 Then he said to me, "Son of man, I'm going to cut off all food from Jerusalem. The people will live on starvation rations, worrying where the next meal's coming from, scrounging for the next drink of water.

:17 Famine conditions. People will look at one another, see nothing but skin and bones, and shake their heads. This is what sin does."

This is an interesting passage in the Old Testament and timely message for us in a time like this. Kindly read through...

God had to make Ezekiel eat meat by weight and drink water by measure for 390 days. Ezekiel ate a particular food baked with cow's dung for one year, 3 weeks and 4 days because God wanted to show him how the children of Israel will suffer for their sins. 

Do you know what this means? It means that Ezekiel never ate more than the weight of meat for each day whether he was satisfied or not. It means he didn't drink more than the measure of water he was commanded to drink in a day whether he was thirsty or not. When we go through hard times, we shouldn't think that God has abandoned us or is being unfair to us, He is only taking us through a making process so we can understand, become stronger and better and so that we can encourage those who might be going through difficult times and might need our help or encouragement to come out of it successfully. The only difference with us is that God might not come to tell us, AM making you go through this like He told Ezekiel but if we are sensitive in the Spirit and understand the scriptures, we won't be disheartened.

Ezekiel 4:12 Eat the bread as you would a muffin. Bake the muffins out in the open where everyone can see you, using dried human dung for fuel."

You can't serve God on your own terms, this Kingdom has standards which is the foundation.

If God can instruct Ezekiel to do this just to pass His message to the people, then you must know that doing God's will is not always easy but requires absolute trust in Him knowing that He loves you and would never lead you astray.

Ezekiel cried out in verse 14 then in verse 15 God responded thus; "All right," he said. "I'll let you bake your bread over cow dung instead of human dung."

That's the Father's love, He understands and He is mostly interested in our well being even in justice He remembers mercy but only when you still have life, in death; no mercy, you will face judgement squarely.

In verse 13 and 17 of our case study text, God reveals why He would do this to the Isrealites. You see, sin brings punishment, grave punishments at that, rejecting Jesus brings condemnation, it leads to hell. What are you currently going through? Could it be as a result of sin or a making process? You and only you should know better whether it be as a result of sin or as a making process. If it's as a result of sin, you can cry out to God, now! He is a loving Father, believe me, He wants your good but if it's God taking you through the making process then know that you must learn to pass that test before He takes you to the next level. 

Then if you have not yet received Jesus into your life, you are making things more difficult for yourself. You are eating defiled bread baked with dung. Imagine eating food cooked with shit. That's exactly what a sinner is eating.

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