Hell is not the Final Destination of Sinners

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This month has been tagged our month of spiritual reality. Reality means something real, something that is true, something that does not just exist in the realm that you cannot touch it.  You know, when you talk about spiritual things, people think that spirits are in the realm that we cannot touch. When we talk about spiritual reality, we are talking about true things, that are real, that are tangible, that we can touch, Amen. So this month, we want to deal with spiritual truth so that they become real to us and some of these truths that we want to talk about that will be real to you are the truth about salvation, the truth about heaven, heaven is not a story heaven is real. We'll talk about hell, that hell is a real place, is not a Bible story, we'll talk about spiritual realities about the second coming of Jesus that it is true that Jesus is coming very soon, the rapture is going to take place very soon. These are things of the spirit that are real. Things that the world may not understand but you need to understand them so that you know how to guard your life so that you will still be here worshiping Him, you will be here serving Him, you will be here praising Him so that nothing will separate you from the love of God.

Last Sunday (4th October 2020), My Bishop spoke on: The Reality of Hell

Hell is real, hell exists, it is a place that is reserved for those who die without being in Christ, hell is real. Hell is reserved for anyone who dies without Jesus. Four words are used to describe hell in the Bible:

1. Sheol - Sheol is a Hebrew word that is used in the Old Testament and it means a pit. It is translated as hell in many places in the Old Testament especially in numbers 16:33. This scripture is talked about Koran and his men that rebelled against Moses and how the earth opened and they were buried and went into Sheol.

2. Hades - hades is a Greek word that means the place of the dead. It is also used to mean the grave. Hades also means the state in which all the dead exist.  So when somebody dies, he goes to Hades. It refers to the place of eternal disembodiment. It is a place of the dead Acts 2:27, the Bible here was talking about Jesus because Jesus went to the place of the dead. Hell is a place of the dead. In Matthew 12:40 Jesus used Jonah to refer to how He will be in the place of the dead for 3 days.

3.Tartar, some call it tartarous, it means a place of eternal torment. It talks about the place where fallen angels will be before the time of eternal judgment, 2 Peter 2:4 you will see that the scripture here shows that hell is not a final place where the sinner is going to go. (Will come back to that)

4. Gerhina - Gerhina is a place of everlasting torment. Matthew 5:22,29 the scripture says in this verse 29 of Matthew 5 that it is better you cut your finger or remove one of your eyes than for your whole body to be thrown into the place of everlasting torment. An everlasting torment is a place where torment has no end. Hell is a place of torment for people who died and are lost, when a person dies without Jesus he goes to hell. Jesus talked about hell more than he talked about heaven when he was on earth because he doesn't want anybody to die and go to hell. Listen! Unfortunately, in Christianity today, some preachers don't want to talk about hell, they want to talk about the love of God but they don't want to talk about the judgment of God. God is love but He is also a just God. He allows us to hear the gospel and believe, but when we refuse, His justness will ensure that anyone who dies without Jesus and living for Him, will die and go to hell. Hell is a real location and do you know that people die every day? People die every day, research says that about 8 people die within a second. Do you know how many among them are going to hell? Because hell is a place of eternal torment. The truth is that every man will spend eternity after his death. It is either you spend your eternity in torment or you spend it with God. This is the time to make up your mind on where you will spend your eternity. Here on earth, our time is fixed. Our time on earth is fixed and you need to know and choose the right place now. Whether you will spend your eternity in hell or whether you will spend your eternity in heaven.

The torment of hell is real. Jesus in Luke 16 gave us a parable about the rich man and Lazarus.

The reality of life is that a day of death is coming, our time on earth is timed, a day of death will come if Jesus does not come in the rapture. Whether you are rich or whether you are poor, your time on earth will one day come to an end, you have to decide where you will spend eternity, whether you will spend eternity in heaven or eternity in hell. Everybody's going to be buried but what happens after? You will notice in the Old Testament, that when a man who feared God dies, they were taken to Abraham's bosom or Paradise. A paradise is a temporary place where people were taken to in the Old Testament because Jesus had to be the first one to die and enter heaven so before Jesus came and died everyone who died had to go to that temporary place. 

In Verse 23 of Luke 16, shows that there is torment and the torment of hell is real. Torment means suffering, to be tormented means to suffer, the torment of hell is a reality.

Verse 24 shows that in torment people cry, so in the torment of hell people are going to cry but you need to understand that that is not a place you need to be. People are going to cry for help but they cannot receive help, they are going to cry for mercy but they cannot receive mercy, for the time of mercy is while you are on earth. When you die and end up in hell, you are going to cry for help but you cannot receive help. 

In hell, you will be conscious of your torment but you cannot do anything about it. Some people are saying leave me alone, I want to enjoy my life, if you neglect your soul for the comfort of this earth, a time of torment is going to come and in torment, you can't do anything about it. 

Verse 26 shows that nobody can cross from hell to heaven. You can't cross from hell to paradise. What you need to hear to go to heaven is the message of the Gospel you are hearing right now. If you cannot hear the gospel and repent, you will die and go to hell. There will be different degrees of suffering in hell. Matthew 11:20-22. Jesus was speaking to some cities that they are very wicked, that if Tyre and Sidon had heard the gospel they were hearing they could have repented long ago. On the day of Judgement, the part of hell that Tyre and Sidon will go to will be more tolerable than those cities. The more your sin, the more the torment you will suffer in hell. The earlier you repent the better for you. If you choose to do more evil, it's a pity because in hell there will be no mercy. May you do not end up in hell. May your family members not end in hell. May you escape the torment of hell in the name of Jesus. Amen!

Another truth about hell is that is not a permanent place for the loss. The permanent place for the lost is the lake of fire. The lake of fire is part of God's creation. God has made the lake of fire as a place where everyone who refuses Jesus will be thrown into. Rev.20:10. God created the lake of fire for Satan and all his fallen angels. Hell Is originally designed for Satan but Satan doesn't want to go to hell alone.

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