How to know if you are about to Marry a Strange Woman

But Solomon Loved Many Strange Women.

By Peace Wobo

1 Kings 11:1-25 (Please Read your Bible)

Warning to Heed: Don't serve a strange god.

Don't get too attached to anything in this world, Solomon was too attached to women.

Solomon, the one who in the sight of men should never have been qualified for the throne but was qualified by God to seat in David's stead served too many strange gods and goddesses and built altars for them in Jerusalem. Solomon ignored God's warning because he loved strange women above God. Anything we get too attached to in this life, will definitely draw us away from the part of righteousness. It can be taken that Solomon committed many sin than any other because of the too many strange gods he served. He built an high place (altar) for Chemosh, the abomination of Moab, Molech, the abomination of Ammon, he went after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Zidonians and he built altars for all the gods of all his strange wives. (1 Kings 11:4-8). In fact, his first biggest mistake as a king was to marry the daughter of Pharoah (1 Kings 3:1). 

Whenever God trusts us with a leadership position, He expects us to lead in His fears and be the perfect example for others to follow.  Solomon left a worst example for other Israelites. If the king could marry many strange women, what would have been the state of other young men in Israel at that time?

Because of Solomon's sins, God had to stir up some enemies to rise up against the kingdom which wouldn't have happened if he maintained the fear of the LORD. Hadad and Razon were living well where they were and lacked nothing, even if they would have wanted to return home, it wouldn't have been as adversaries to the Israelites but this happened because of Solomon's sins and to worst it, his son would be the one to pay for it- (1Kings 11:12-13). Whatever seed you sow now, you may think you will soon die so it's not your business, don't forget that you have children who will reap the fruit of your seeds be it good or bad. Which would you rather prefer? 

It also surprised me that unlike David who would have asked God for mercy the moment God points out his wicked ways to him, Solomon never bothered to ask for mercy even after the verdict of God. That's a worst state to be for any child of God.

If the Bible and the still small voice of the Holy Spirit no longer gets your attention, no longer corrects you, no longer draws you to repent, then you are in a state of doom.

If you have a friend or maybe youu are about to marry someone that does not share the same faith with you, does not encourage you to study the Bible or pray. Anyone that doesn't take the things of God serious and is not helping you to serve God better, is a strange woman or man. Strange people serve strange gods!

Brother/Sister, RUN!

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