The Reality of Heaven

Hell was a place created for Satan and fallen angels but Satan doesn't want to go there alone. That's why he is looking for souls that will end up in hell with him. That was the first of Sunday's teaching. Click here to read more on Hell
Heaven is designed for the saints. 
On the second Sunday been 11th October 2020, Bishop Ayo Odunayo spoke on, 
Topic: The Reality of Heaven 
Heaven is a genuine place, heaven is real, heaven is not fake. See Rev. 21:2. There is a place called heaven. And it a place to desire to be. There are three levels of heaven: You need to understand this so that when people claim that they died and come back with revelations you will know where their revelation is coming from. Is not everyone who claimed to have died and gone to heaven went to the heavens. Have you heard some say that they went to heaven and hell and in hell, they saw some living people on earth? How can a living person be in hell? They had revelations from strange spirits. Levels of Heaven: 

1. Terrestial heaven; it is the atmosphere of heaven. That heaven is where you enter when you are within the local flight. Spirits and angels are in the terrestrial heaven. 

2. Tellestial heaven: this heaven is where you have the stars, and you see the whole earth and all that is in it there. That is another level of heaven that a local flight cannot reach. It is higher than the terrestrial heaven. 

3. Celestial heaven: it is the third heaven. That is the place where God dwells, that is where all the Saints are going. That is the real dwelling place of God. 2 Corin.. 12:2, Heaven is a resting place. Heb.4:9-12 Heaven is a residing place. Is a place to live, it is our final home. Some persons will make heaven their home while some will make hell their home Rev. 4:1-6. There are beings in heaven, there are saints in heaven and there are angels in heaven. You must dream, pray, and work hard to be in heaven. John 14:2. To go to this place, you need to repent and live for Christ alone. You need to forsake your old ways and live to please God.

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