Busy in God's work but spiritually drained

Busy with godly activities but lacking in the place of prayer and quiet time.

So many Christians are very busy with activities. Not just any activity but church and ministry activities while the most important part of our Christian walk is being ignored. How can I be a Christian without prayer and adequate studying of the Word? Error! To humans and to myself my reasons could be valid but is it valid before God? Am also talking to myself here. 

I have come to discover that most Christians got hooked up in the world of activities in the actual sense of doing God's work. I mean, their love for God and the things of the kingdom actually drew them to the work which off course needs to be done but then we end up doing it at the expense of our personal fellowship with the Lord. Sometimes, it is as a result of the demands on us. The work must be done quite alright but not at the expense of our personal relationship and fellowship with the LORD

We cannot cheat nature, no matter how spiritual a spirit man is the body needs to be well rested for the spirit to function well with the body.

Borbe Sorge, in his book "Secrets of the Secret Place", did mention that;

When you fail to give the body adequate rest, it becomes weak in the secret place because nobody can cheat nature. You can sleep off when you ought to be praying because you haven't slept.

The point is; let's learn to rest when we need to so we can pray and study when we ought to.

If the body doesn't get needed rest, it will be weak and even sleep in the secret place, there is no spirituality about it. No man is too spiritual to resist nature. 

Why can't a man resist nature? God created man to have time for rest, time for work and time for fellowship with Him very Paramount. Any man that will defile nature completely will be raptured out of this body.

How we overuse this body at times is alarming and we always have good reasons why we burn out ourselves and sleep off on our knees. Oh! I've been very busy, am so tired. I was too tired to pray, my sister God understands. Does He? We need to learn how to balance it so that no one suffers because it is in overusing the body that the spirit will be willing but the body can't carry. Don't let the work committed into your hands to suffer and don't kill yourself in the work.

May the Lord help us

God is first and foremost interested in the messenger before the message because without a messenger there wouldn't be a message.

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