God of order

Wednesday, May 5

1 Chronicles 15:1-15 Q. 1,2.

God of order

David seems better prepared to bring the Ark to Jerusalem. He does not only gather the people but brought the Levites together.  The Levites are the right people to carry the ark based on God's instruction to Moses (Numbers 4). Notice David's instruction in vs.1-2. Observe the preparation of the Priests and levites in vs.14. Notice also how the Ark is carried this time (vs.15). Now they fully adhered to the instructions Moses gave them. How do we approach God; with familiarity or in reverence? Notice the realisation David has come to in vs.13-14. He was initially guilty of oversight but corrected it possibly as soon as he could. He also took responsibility for his errors and corrected them once he discovered what was wrong. 

When God gives specific instructions, it is wise to obey them precisely. As believers, we must learn to order our lives in accordance with God's word. To know God's instructions concerning our lives,  we need to read and meditate on his word, the Bible. How much time do you spend reading or meditating on God's word? Consider Joshua 1:7-8 and 2Timothy 3:16-17.


Thought: How does the scripture influence your decision? 

Prayer: Lord help me to remain within the boundaries of your word in all that I do.


Num. 20-22; Rev. 22

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