Why I Quit Secular Music

Our God is really good and faithful. Chidinma Ekile now Minister Chidinma Ekile has quit secular music and now a gospel singer. She gave testimony of the faithfulness of God in her life. How it's been a long journey and how she had opportunity to spend time with Jesus, and Jesus told her that He's been waiting for her.

She openly declared that she's not here (in church) because she wants money or fame, because she has had a lot of that but she's here because it's time to work for her Father.

She revealed that she has a little understanding of the kingdom because she has been in choir ever since she was six and has been in church but it's a new dimension now, it's a new system and she's going into it with full force.

She explained that she needs to catch up with time because a lot of time has been wasted, "the enemy has been winning for too long" she said.

She also stated that all that the enemy has been using to lie to her that he gave them to her were actually given to her by God and she's using all of it to work for her Father.

This is a great testimony

There are too many people out there that we need to bring back she said as she called herself an end time soldier.

You can watch the complete video of her testimony by clicking on the link Testimony of Chidinma Ekile

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