Motorable Glee of Success

The motorable glee of accomplishment. 

Placed of satisfaction of achievement realized in subsequence pursuit;

Pursuit of the focused aims, aims of Plans i planned. 

Have been elevated into degree of joy derived from fulfilment I climbed onto and click onto.

Have made my vivid vision visualize with believe of action into success.

See it and move into it,
believe in it and act upon it, 
you can succeed in it, 
if you give up on it.

I know myself to build myself, I attended to success' steps, learning failures attached to it.

I learned: No man succeed without failures multiple attacks.

Point a finger to a successful man and I will show you his wounds from failures' attacks.

I conquer myself before conquering success, after conquering success; 

I continue to conquer myself to maintain the success' glee to remain at the top.

Success is like triumphant army and triumphant army is like breakthrough of water. 

Aspiration for success is not in contesting with others but in winning oneself.

Therefore the ability to win oneself before winning others is called:

Successful Man
I am success!!!

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