Do you know why you are saved?

There's no where I walk in the streets of Elelenwo that a student or someone does not recognize me either as a School Visitor, a Preacher or a Bible Study Teacher, sometimes outside Elelenwo someone will just scream sister Peace....Wow! I am known as a Christian and a committed SU member. I will always hear ma, aunty, sister and sometimes Mummy G.O🙄🤷🏾‍♀️ followed by greetings. This actually helps me to always examine myself and put my body under subjection so that after I have preached to so many, I myself would not be a cast away. Besides that, this always leaves me with a lot of disturbing what if's. It has left me always pondering and asking.
What if I was spotted smooching with a guy in one corner? What if I was spotted in a bar dancing to one circular song? What if I was spotted quarrelling or fighting with someone? What if I was dressed half naked or with one rubbish hair spray and style? What if I was seen holding hands with the opposite sex in an ungodly manner along the streets whereas am a single sister? What will be the state of that young person at that point?
I can't exhaust the What if's but these are things that always brings to my consciousness that I am not living for myself. This life that I have is the life of Christ in me, there is nothing like it is my life, rather it is the life of God in me (Zoe). It is not about power without character, or anointing without purity NO!

I now understand better what Apostle Paul meant in Philippians 1:21 NIV For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. My life is no longer mine. There are lots of young people even some adults looking up to me as a role model. My life is directly or indirectly affecting theirs. What I say and do goes a long way in influencing their lifestyle and attitude and I wouldn't want God to hold me responsible for the fall of a brother or sister. I live my life not just thinking about myself but destinies attached to my life and destiny. 

That been said. Let's grow past that attitude of I can dress the way I like it's my life, I can walk the way I want, and talk however I want to, I can eat or drink whatever I choose to, I can go wherever I feel like going, it is not about the appearance but the state of the heart. No! It's not about the heart that doesn't reflect in your attitude and appearance. Who sees your heart, who can tell what is in your heart, what heart changes without physical evidences of that change? Who are you deceiving? Can Christ come into your life only to change few things and leave others the way they were? 

Let's also consider this
1 Timothy 4:12 NIV:Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.
Did you hear that? Set an example in your speech - the way you talk matters, how you dress and behave, how you profess and express love, your faith is key and above all be pure - you can't claim to be pure if your appearance is leading people to lust and causing impurity. Purity is of the heart and in doing as well.

How would that young person you preached to feel when they see you living the exact opposite of what you have taught them? What happens to the baby Christian that is looking up to you for his or her maturity? Do you know that so many has fallen because one person they were looking up to failed?

After considering all these, I came to one conclusion, as long as God gives me grace, I will not bring shame to the kingdom of God because God loves me and gave Himself for me and also because of these ones. It is not just about me making heaven but these ones also. I can't just outburst anytime I feel like it or display my mood swings selfishly and uncontrollably. Even when going through difficult times, I will do so in faith. I learn discipline everyday for myself and others. I know how I felt when saw a sister that use to preach to us in school those days living like the people of the world years later.
Beloved! It is not just about you, destinies are involved here. Shine your light!

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