When you leave Bethel

Beloved, here are some personal lessons I learnt in the month of July 2022 as I studied God's word through the use of Daily Guide. The lessons are mind blowing, I believe you would be blessed by this.
Genesis 31:1-21
Topic: Go, and I will be with thee
V.1: Truth revealed to me: Conspiracy to tell lies and stare up hatred. 
It's not every rumour that has an atom of truth in it, Laban's sons knew how them and their father cheated Jacob and how God blessed his hard work yet they claim that he stole their father's wealth. Genuine blessing can still attract envy and jealousy.
We see clearly that God was the source of Jacob's prosperity and wealth. God transferred Laban's wealth to Jacob.
Don't cheat a blessed man and expect to go free, the blessing speaks and God fights his cause.
vs.15 He has reduced our rights to those of foreign women. And after he sold us, he wasted the money you paid him for us.
Jacob paid for his wives, his service for years was equivalent to money, that's what we call pride price. 
She is not your wife if you have not properly married her, forget that you are living together
Vs.19 Warning: Be mindful of the idol of your father's house as a believer. 
If you can't beat them, don't join them rather break away from any such practice.

You have done a foolish thing (v.28)
Genesis 31:22-44
There are some persons that God has not permitted to say to us either good or bad. They have no right to make any opinion whatsoever concerning me. 
The family seemed to have a trait of lies and cheat and we can trace the lies from Abraham. It is required of us to break out of every ungodly family trait. Rachel did a foolish thing by carrying her father's idol and Jacob also foolishly made a wrong declaration out of anger. If Laban had found the idol with Rachel  what would have been Jacob's faith?
God speaks to anybody at anytime He so chooses.

Genesis 31:45-32:1-2
Memorials, powerful reminders
V.53: Is a clear evidence that Laban had no relationship with God as he referred to Him as the God of their fathers and not of our fathers as for Jacob he had an immediate role model 'Isaac, his father'. We have a role to play in the life of our children, whatever path they choose to follow could only be the path we have led them whether knowingly or unknowingly. Prov.22:6
No wonder Rachel stole an idol because that is the god her parents had introduced to her but she been married to Jacob was enough covenant to break off from such idol practice and worship, but she choose to keep to it.
No wonder some persons still struggle with some traces of bad character with the excuse 'this is how we are in our family' even after marriage. You no dey shame?

Genesis 32:3-21
Topic: Jacob prepares to return home
Example not to follow: Acting based on fear, takes away our peace of mind, puts us in fear and sometimes wasted time, efforts and resources.

Genesis 32:22-32
Topic:Alone with God
A man wrestled with God and prevailed!
Wow! God can actually give in to man's demand. Not because He is weak because even His weakness is stronger than the strongest but it's a mystery
No man can wrestle with God and remain the same.
How did his wives and children feel when they saw him limping the next day? It is obviously strange to see your normal walking husband and father limping out of the blue
When a man encounters God, strange things happen instantly.
I must make it a habit to always spend time alone with God, without distractions of family and friends.

Genesis 33:1-20
Topic: The dreaded meeting
Example to follow: Make your relationship right with God so you can easily move any mountain.
Truth: Each time God gives us victory and shows us underserved mercy and love, it is required of us to build altars of thanksgiving unto God.
God desires our gratitude and He alone deserves it. We must learn to see God's intervention in every matter without giving God's thanks to the man He chooses to use. We should appreciate men for their goodwill but we should never give them the place of God.

Genesis 34:1-31
Topic: Dishonest Agreement 
Shechem acted wickedly towards Dinah, that shouldn't be named among me as a believer. Though he acted wickedly he still showed some remarkable marks I can learn from. When honourable people make mistake they admit and take responsibility.
Taking responsibility for your wrong is an honourable mark.
As a Christian I should stand by my words always and shouldn't deal with people deceitfully even when they acted wickedly against me.
Be careful of the kind of people you deal with, either in business or in life generally. Ask questions about some persons before going into any form of agreement with them

2 Tim. 1:1-18
Topic: Born to witness for Christ
In whatever field we are called or serving, we should realise that as Christians we are born to witnesses for Christ and we must live to fulfill that purpose. We must not all be pastors or evangelists or apostles or prophets but we are all called to witness. Be a witness of Christ wherever you are.

Topic: The unbroken Chain
2 Timothy 2:1-7
As we were preached to, we ought also to preach to others and win them for Christ and those we preached to are to do same, to keep the Gospel alive and spreading. I had to pray for pastor Megida and thank God for his life again, when reading this passage because he preached the simple gospel to me and I got saved.

2 Tim 2:8-13
Topic: The Central Truth 
The death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is the central truth. There would have been no gospel if Jesus didn't pay the ultimate prize. 
God is faithful and can never deny Himself.

2 Tim 2:14-26
Topic: Make sure you are God's best
V.21: Become the kind of container God can use to present any and every kind of gift to his guests for their blessing.
*Become - Some Christians can only be used to present just one gift. But we need to make room, enlarge our territory by building our capacity so we can be used by God to present any and every kind of gift*. Some of us have become so comfortable with where we are as Christians, am just good in teaching the word and that's fine. God wants you to grow to the point of healing the sick, casting out demons, bringing words of wisdom and encouragement at the needed time.

2 Tim 3:1-9
Godlessness in the last days

Wednesday 13/7/22
Follow Your Leader 
2 Tim. 3:10-17
V10-11: Christianity is a practical lifestyle. Very evident and clear.
V.12: I must know that persecution is certain, it is part of the Christian walk and life. 
V.13: Tells us that evil men and seducers will wax worse and worse deceiving and also been deceived. Those who deceive others are equally deceiving themselves and been deceived by the devil as well. What a pity!
V.14: Who you learn from is very important because you will become what you hear over the time. Timothy must admonished to continue in what he has learnt knowing who he has learnt them from. Who are my (you) learning from?

Thursday 14/7/22
Preach sound gospel
2 Timothy 4:1-8

Friday 15/7/22
Topic: Deserted but not alone
2 Tim 4:9-22
We can't love the world and God at the same time. It's either you are for God or for the world. When we love the world, we are separated from the Father's love.
v.11: Paul demanding for Mark he once refused to carry along shows that we should never give up on anybody.
V.14-15: clearly teaches us to warn our child and disciples of those who stand against the truth, they must be aware of their lies and antics
v.16-17: man can forsake us but God will never forsake us. This is a great encouragement.
v.9,22: I should be an encouragement to other brethren, a brother in need should be able to count on me and my coming should be a great encouragement 
v.22:Our speech should always end with encouraging words.

Saturday 16/7/22
Life of integrity
Psalms 26:1-12

17th and 18th had striking lessons with prayer burdens which the LORD laid in my heart from the book of Genesis Chapter 35. So much was unveiled to me that I never knew before now. I didn't take any of the prayers lightly.

So, on Sunday 17th July we read Genesis 35:1-15 
Text: Genesis 35:1-15
Topic: Retreat! (Go back to Bethel)
Vs.1: God tells Jacob to return to Bethel, build an altar there and dwell there. 
So, to me it could mean that:
a. Dwelling in Shechem was never part of God's plan for Jacob. 
b. Parents mistake affects the children as well
c. Dinah wouldn't have been defiled and Simeon and Levi wouldn't have been murderers had Jacob first depended on God for where to dwell. 
d. God allows some ugly experiences to bring us back to Himself.
V.5: When God is with you, you can be seen but not be touched. Though visible yet you are invincible to dangers and attacks. What a covering to have!
V.9: God appeared to him again at Bethel, God blessed him: When we are where God wants us to be, He appears to us and blesses us.
Vs.10: Genesis 32:22-30 comes to pass. See!
Positioning matters in life. When a man is not where God wants him to be, he struggles on his own but once he is divinely positioned, things happen divinely. 
Prayer: Oh Lord, divinely position me. If am currently in the wrong location, pull me out and position me rightly.
Whatever represents Shechem in my life, by Your mercy Lord, bring me to my Bethel, where I will not struggle to hear You, where I will not struggle for Your blessings.

On Monday 18th July we considered the same chapter from verse 16-29 and below are the lessons:
Text: Genesis 35:16-29
Topic: The loss of a loved one
V.16: which is our opening verse today, started with a very striking comment 'leaving Bethel' ah! Not God asking him to leave but Jacob leaving where God asked him to dwell. 
Prayer: In any way I have left my Bethel, have mercy and bring me back.
Lord, let my steps be ordered by You.
From that same verse to verse 20, we see what happened, he lost Rachel. How many loved ones have we lost as a result of our insensitivity, or lack of patience or moving without guidance? How about blessings and opportunities missed as a result of same?
Prayer: Oh Lord, make sensitive to Your will. May I never lack spiritual sensitivity in the name of Jesus.
Vs.18: Rachel named him 'son of my sorrow' but Jacob named him 'son of my right hand' - Benjamin. We shouldn't allow situations dictate the names of our children or the confessions of our mouth.
In vs.22: Reuben went in to Bilhah - is it not striking that all these happened as Jacob left Bethel?
Jacob was actually going home to meet his parents which wasn't bad but the timing was bad because God Who appeared to him and asked Him to dwell in Bethel could have also told him when to leave Bethel, but Jacob moved on his own. What a mistake! He didn't wait on God. Let's learn to wait on God.
You see what happened to Dinah when he dwelt in Shechem on his own and what happened along the way as he left Bethel on his own is enough to tell us that, when we move on our own, we suffer losses and incur remarkable painful marks on ourselves.

Don't forget that Jacob also set up an Altar in Shechem which he named El-Elohe-Israel but was God there with him? 
Because God never appeared to him there until there was an issue.
So, you can be serving God in the wrong place 🤔

Genesis 37:12-36
Don't be jealous of your brother
What Jacob did to Esau some decades ago was done to him by his sons.
There are family patterns we must deliberately break out of through effectual fervent prayers.
Warning to heed: Deliberately kill every seed of hatred or jealousy trying to spring up in anyway.
Prayer: Lord, help me to see and appreciate the good in others in Jesus name Amen 

Wicked in the sight of the Lord 
Genesis 38:1-11
Is the wickedness of Onan not the same as using condom today? 
It could be that Judah went away because he could not withstand the pain the planned lies would cause his father. Or he left as a result of guilty conscience. 

Genesis 38:12-30
Dealing with loss and it's consequences 
Don't make promises you are not willing to keep. 
If I was the lady, I wouldn't have been waiting for a boy that am much more older than, secondly, seeing that 2 men died in the same family as a result of their wickedness before God would have been enough reason for me to go my way. How would I expect less from Shelah? 
A man that lacks self control can give away anything just to satisfy his sexual urge - Judah did it. Why did Tamar plan work out perfectly? I mean, she must have known Judah's weakness
What is that weakness that the enemy can use against us at any slightest opportunity?
It is a matter to cry out for help. Kai! How can someone set trap for me and fall woefully, I will not faint in the days of adversity.  

Genesis 39:1-23
Topic: Flee
vs.2: "And the Lord was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man' - what makes the difference is the presence of God in the life of a man at any point and wherever situation takes him to. Oh Lord my Father be with me and make me prosperous. 
vs.3 and his master saw that the LORD was with him- Let unbelievers see Your goodness in my life, let them see that You are with me, let it be evident, let them see You in my life.
vs. 8-9: Don't betray trust no matter the circumstances, don't claim to be helpless in front of temptation as a child of God, you can always overcome and always have the fear of God in your heart. Joseph feared God, and that kept him from sinning.
Even the prison Joseph went to was a VIP prison, he didn't just go to any prison but where the king's servants were kept.
Even in the prison he was distinguished because God was with him.
Is it not surprising that Potiphar didn't even give Joseph a chance to speak? No matter the accusation, we should always give people the opportunity to speak. This is one reason I love Bro. Tomi so much, he will always hear from you and tell you this is the report from so and so about you, what do you have to say? He always makes his judgement after hearing the parties involved. I respect that man a lot.
Potiphar knew that God was with Joseph but didn't think twice before putting him behind bars. 
Don't be surprised when people who truly know your stand for God stand up to speak against you over an issue you never even committed.

Genesis 40:1-23
Topic: The dreamer turned dream interpreter 
Joseph has never interpreted dreams all his life, he was only a dreamer and currently in a situation bad enough to make him doubt the credibility of those dreams but he didn't give up, he didn't feel depressed, he didn't question God on that situation. He held his peace and was more a blessing to others and never a burden. Joseph knew that the God who gives dream can at the same time reveal the meaning.

Genesis 41:14-32
Topic: God has shown Pharoah what He is about to do
Even in our business dealings and discussions, we are meant to present Jesus first.
Joseph immediately replied: it's not in me but God shall give Pharoah an answer of peace
Q.1: God can reveal His plans to an unbeliever but only to glorify and uplift His faithful servant in that environment at that appointed time. God has the giver of knowledge and the giver of interpretation to dreams. 
Q.2: Hence, I should stop trying to interpret dreams on my own but ask the Lord for revelational knowledge and in cases where the Lord has not enabled me to understand a dream, there's no need trying to give interpretation of my own - this can be dangerous. I have to learn to give God glory in everything.

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