By Peace Wobo

I will continue this write up from where I stopped on "WHY TAKE HONORARIUM?" but today my focus will be on gospel artists as ministers. 
It is unfortunate that we see things that politicians do wrong but fail to see where we are failing as Christians.

My question is: Are Gospel Artists ministers of God? Please I really need answers here.

If the answer is yes! Why do they place a price tag to their ministration? Truth be told, they are over doing it. I know someone will quote Proverbs 18:16 for me, which says; "A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great men". No doubt about that, and God's word cannot lie or fail but if they are ministers of God as we see them or consider them to be why are some of them so money conscious as if they  are Money Artists? What would we say if a pastor rejects an invite to minister in a church unless certain demands are met? Though some do it but is it right?

If they are Gospel Artists (ministers) then they are to receive Honorarium not wages. The money Gospel Artists are charging for ministration is outrageous. They beat prices with Churches and agreement must be reached, an advance or full payment must be made before they even show up, special kind of hotel must be booked and special food ordered. It is not bad for them to have the best but is it right following our definition of honorarium in the previous topic (Why take Honorarium)?

Please let's talk!

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Unknown said…
The truth is that there is a fusion of the world with the church these days.
A ministry is supposed to be a serfless service though you might be appreciated by the people. These days calling yourself a minister of God does not matter to critical thinking people again. By their fruits you shall know them.
Peaceable Peace said…
You have indeed hit the nail on the head. Thanks. I pray that people's eyes will be enlightened in the knowledge of Him.

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