Lively but dead

Lively but Dead

Beloved, let's carefully consider this warning to the Church in Sardis in Revelation 3:1-3 "Write this to Sardis, to the Angel of the church. The One holding the Seven Spirits of God in one hand, a firm grip on the Seven Stars with the other, speaks: "I see right through your work. You have a reputation for vigor and zest, but you're dead, stone dead.
2 "Up on your feet! Take a deep breath! Maybe there's life in you yet. But I wouldn't know it by looking at your busywork; nothing of God's work has been completed. Your condition is desperate.
3 "Think of the gift you once had in your hands, the Message you heard with your ears - grasp it again and turn back to God. "If you pull the covers back over your head and sleep on, oblivious to God, I'll return when you least expect it, break into your life like a thief in the night".

The church in Sardis hath a name that they were lively, that's how KJV puts it while Message says, calls it reputation for vigor and zest,  to them their church was lively and alive, I believe good messages but not sound and good music even healing and miracles happened there and every member of the church prided in their church like what is happening among the body of Christ today but before God they were dead. Before their eyes and before men they were a lively church but dead before God. What an error! Church membership is not a guarantee to heaven. A lively church is not necessarily by crowd, instruments and music. A lively church is known by their works of righteousness, sound messages that doesn't dilute the word of God to suit the hearers in anyway, where the truth is being preached and practiced.
It is sad to note that some Christians are like the Sardis church, they feel alive because they still sing and miracles happen, when they pray it seems nobody prays better than them, they still heal the sick and cast out demons in the name of the LORD but before God they are dead, dead in godly character, dead in righteousness, dead in personal devotion, dead in hearing from the LORD, dead in morals, workers of iniquity, immorality and unrighteousness personified.  Watch therefore, if you fall into this category, repent and pray and strengthen that which remains before they die.
So many others are regarded as vibrant brethren but they know that their personal relationship with God is nothing to write home about.

And if you think you are standing; 
"Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall" (1 Corin.10:12).
May we not be lively before men but dead before God in Jesus name, Amen

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