How to enjoy God's daily Provisions

Personal Lessons from my Quiet Time Today.
Topic: Daily Dependence on God
Text: Exodus 16:17-36

In vs.18, they that get much had nothing over and they that gathered little had nothing less but every man according to his eating. This clearly tells me that God knows each and everyone of us, He knows exactly what our needs are, and He provides for us according to His riches in glory. Anything God doesn't give to me, then I don't need it. I may want it but it's not needful and so He may never give me things I want but He will always provide the things I need.
In vs. 19 Moses gave an instruction which they disobeyed in vs. 20. Don't leave of it till tomorrow morning but as humans, they thought of tomorrow and left of it and it breeded worms and stank seriously. This is Matthew 6:34: Take no thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself. Let's learn to daily depend on God for our daily bread. Relax! I know you have a lot of things to do and catch up with, relax your heart in the Lord and do the work you have faithfully everyday. 
In vs.23 God gave Moses another instruction for them, this time to take what they will eat for today and tomorrow, this time you can leave of it and as they did, we see in vs.24 that it didn't stink this time neither did it breed worms. When it comes to serving God, we must not do things the exact same way everyday. Even in our services, fellowship and personal walk with the Lord, we must learn to depend on God's leading. That something failed today, doesn't mean it will fail tomorrow with God, and that something worked today, doesn't mean it will work with God tomorrow. It's not about your formula but God's. If you want to enjoy heavenly provisions, learn to obey the Holy Spirit.

In all, you can see that obedience is the key to enjoying God's provision on a daily basis.
Don't be like the Israelites who will always murmur and want to disobey at every given point.

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