Some men think of women as accessories. If you're not the watch that goes with that particular suit or outfit or even the occasion they just pick another one. Sometimes, they will lose you before realising that you're the Classic Piece that goes with everything and fits in every occasion of their life. Seriously, why will a lady keep having sex with a guy she knows will never want to marry her? Why not ask yourself this, 'If am good enough for him for sex, why not marriage'? It means he's using you. Ladies, the power to do or not to do lies mostly in your hands. My dear, wake up and stop being used! Your body is God's temple not an accessory. Please ladies, keep yourself for that wonderful man that will treat you with much love, respect and understanding for the rest of his and your life. You are not a commodity that can be purchased with money nor is your worth determined by money. You are God's beautiful handwork made uniquely for His glory. No amount of money can buy you. God's commandments are only for our own good,  He loves us and wants the best for us. Please ladies, keep yourselves!

More lessons from the Bible: 
Luke 1:34 Mary said to the angel, "But how? I've never slept with a man." This was Mary's response to the angel.
At the time Mary said this, she was already espoused to Joseph. What does this tell you? Being engaged does not qualify you to start sleeping with each other. You are not yet husband and wife until you are husband and wife by marriage. It's unfortunate that people boldly commit fornication, get pregnant and boldly announce that they are pregnant while they are not yet married.
Ladies, learn from Mary. Men, learn from Joseph.
Being engaged and in love is not a sin, but what you do within the confinement of engagement is what could be sin.

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Peaceable Peace

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  1. Nice one, I pray that ladies will read this with a better understanding....

  2. Nice one, I pray that ladies will read this with a better understanding....

  3. It all boils down to training and retraining oneself as a lady. When a lady knows who she is, she shouldn't settle for less. .

    1. Wow! Very on point Divinitz. May the eyes of their understanding be enlightened to know who they are.

  4. I want to throw more light on Divinitz point. Honestly, most ladies are to be blamed for getting treated the way some men treat them. They act as accessories and that's why they are treated as such. If you know who you are and know your worth, you will equally know how to carry yourself. Lacking understanding of who you are, makes you present yourself as what you are not because you don't know what you are.