Genesis 18:
10 [The Lord] said, I will surely return to you when the season comes round, and behold, Sarah your wife will have a son. And Sarah was listening and heard it at the tent door which was behind Him.
11 Now Abraham and Sarah were old, well advanced in years; it had ceased to be with Sarah as with [young] women. [She was past the age of childbearing].
12 Therefore Sarah laughed to herself, saying, After I have become aged shall I have pleasure and delight, my lord (husband), being old also?
13 And the Lord asked Abraham, Why did Sarah laugh, saying, Shall I really bear a child when I am so old?
14 Is anything too hard or too wonderful for the Lord? At the appointed time, when the season [for her delivery] comes around, I will return to you and Sarah shall have borne a son.
15 Then Sarah denied it, saying, I did not laugh; for she was afraid. And He said, No, but you did laugh.

Reading the above Scripture, you will realise that Sarah not only laughed but also lied by denying her laughter. She laughed sarcastically. That was a laughter of doubt and unbelief and to worsen the matter, she even lied to the LORD. I mean; imagine being caught by your father while stealing meat from the pot, and when he asked why you did that, you instantly denied stealing meat which he saw you steal yet it didn't change his mind from paying your fees, feeding and clothing and putting a roof over your head. That's God's love for us, it surpasses that of any Father or Mother. The devil comes with lies each time we go astray making us feel that God can never bless us again because of one sin, one mistake, one doubt, one unbelief. Even Jesus helped the unbelief of the father of that boy possessed with deaf and dumb spirit in Mark 9.
God will surely show up for you and I. He will make a way for us. Don't cast away your confidence, don't be discouraged, don't lose hope.
He is with you child of God!
But don't forget that Abraham comforted the LORD's heart by entertaining them when they visited.
And Sarah prepared the meal without grudges or bitterness. They served God wholeheartedly. Some women would have asked their husband not to bother them or ask their servants to prepare the meal. So, you must learn to entertain God with your praise, worship, prayer and giving. God might overlook your doubt and unbelief but your attitude towards Him matters a lot, your attitude to things of God counts.
May our attitude to the things of God not disqualify us as we look up to Him.
Peaceable Peace cares 

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UnclePee said…
May the Lord God help us to have a good attitude towards His work.

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