I have come to discover that it is easy for a Christian to fall when the devil replaces faith with fear, doubt, murmuring and heaviness but the truth is that God will never leave Himself without a witness. Even when we go through the worst situations of life, the Spirit of God is always there to guide and to instruct. The problem then lies on us relying and depending on Him. Sometimes, we find it so difficult to cast our burdens on Him just as He has said. The devil tries to make us see reasons why we shouldn't be grateful, why we can't keep having faith and why we need to give up on God. Don't give up, it's never over. Have faith in God when your prayer is failing, have faith when your prayer is delayed, have faith when it looks as though nothing is working. God's thought towards His children are of good and not of evil, to give us an expected end. When it looks as though nothing is working, when it seems like everything is working against you; have faith.
When you are going through tough times, just know that God is taking you through the making process and tough times don't last but tough people do.
Don't ever ignore godly counsel and don't run away from Spiritual counsellors. No matter how matured you are, there are times you still need somebody,  maybe just to tell you things you already know but in a way you never understood or viewed it or even as a reminder of God's assurance that you are loved. Yes! You are loved. You are not a mistake or a sorry excuse. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. You are God's image.  
Also try to encourage people,  everybody needs encouragement at one point in life, your words of encouragement could lift a falling brother or sister. 
Bless you!

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UnclePee said…
Bless you too. Thanks for this wonderful write up.