By Peace Wobo
Do you know that most Christian parents today name their children after one icon or any name they hear and like? Sometimes, they don't even know the meaning of that name but because they like how it sounds, they just pick it for their child. It is not acceptable, that you like the way a name sounds is not reason enough to call your child by that name. Some parents even name their children based on what they suffered during pregnancy - this is so common in Africa.

Names affect, don't forget that the hardship Jabez suffered was as a result of his name even though he was more honourable than his brethren. He was honourable but miserable until he called on the name of the God of Israel. If names weren't important, the Bible wouldn't have recorded the case of Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 and what he suffered as a result of his name.

The child was called Jesus which was the name given by the angel before He was conceived Luke 2:21. It is not enough to ask God for a child, ask Him the child's name as well. God is very much interested in the name our children bears and He gave us an example to follow. 

May we never name our children names that God has not named them in Jesus name. Amen

If your parents named you in ignorance maybe because they were uneducated, but they sent you to school to get educated and you know that your name has a negative meaning, change it and make them understand. What people call you speaks over life whether negativity or positivity.

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