Let me tell you a story of what happened while I was in tertiary institution.
Before I start, I want to crave your indulgence to not bargain with the devil. If you love your life, don't ever bargain with the devil and don't live at the mercy of the devil. Don't make your life vulnerable to him. The devil is the  most wicked personality you could ever think of. Now the story: 
When I was in school, something bothered me which made me cry and always intercede for other students. Every semester, I will see obituary of some students like me, most especially final year students. One day, I asked God why there is so much death of students on campus even though I do intercede. I got an answer that opened my eyes. This was the answer I got, it is not my fault because I watch over my Words to fulfill them and I will always protect my own, most of those students go to church, sing and dance in church and when they say bind the devil they will be busy binding the devil mean while they are living their lives to please the devil. They fornicate, cheat, steal, tell lies and get involved in some evil acts and because they live at the mercy of the devil, the devil decides to end their lives miserably, and don't think that your prayers are not been answered, because I still show mercy and deliver most of them because someone/people are interceding for them, so, when the devil targets to kill 10 students, mercy prevails over 6 or so, so the obituary you see is small compared to the original plan of the devil.
When you live in sin, you cause God to withhold His hands from you because His eyes cannot behold iniquity.
Consider what the devil did to the man in the book of Mark 5:5 "And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones". He left his home and family dwelling in the mountains and tombs, crying and cutting himself with stone. Imagine how the devil tormented and made him miserable, he kept torturing him. What a wicked devil, legions of demon in one man. What a pity!
Thank God for Jesus who came to his rescue and delivered him from his tormentors. Most people consciously or unconsciously bargain with the devil by the choices and decisions they make every day. You bargain with him each time you tell a lie, cheat, steal, fornicate, fail to pay your tithe and offering, etc. It is true that mercy is available to us and Jesus who healed and delivered that man is still healing and delivering destinies. But don't forget that the man went through a lot before Jesus got to him. He was rejected, neglected, tortured, maybe his family even became so ashamed that they relocated because of the stigma his illness brought. So, Jesus will forgive and heal any sinner if that sinner finds Jesus before the devil kills him/her. But don't forget that the person will suffer shame, stigmatisation, rejection and even torture before Jesus get to him/her.
Ponder on Isaiah 55:6-7 Seek, inquire for, and require the Lord while He may be found [claiming Him by necessity and by right]; call upon Him while He is near.
7 Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts; and let him return to the Lord, and He will have love, pity, and mercy for him, and to our God, for He will multiply to him His abundant pardon.

May you not seek God when He will not be found in your life.
The devil loves to torment people but hates to be tormented; how did I know that? Mark 5:7 "And crying out with a loud voice, he said, What have You to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? [What is there in common between us?] I solemnly implore you by God, do not begin to torment me!" 
So, make up your mind to torment him instead of him tormenting you. Torment him by studying the Bible, by Praying, by living holy and righteously. We always say that nobody is perfect: I agree but Jesus Christ said, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect". Matthew 5:48 and Luke 1 from verse 5 introduced Zacharias and Elizabeth his wife blameless in all the commandments and ordinances of God. My dear you can live holy and righteous if you press towards the mark everyday as Apostle Paul rightly said, if you surrender your weaknesses and allow the Holy Spirit to perfect His work in your life, if you take heed of yourself every day. Let's stop this excuses of we are human. The Apostles of old were equally human. My dear, if God considers a person blameless, is that person not perfect? So, live your life to the glory of God alone and if you mistakenly fall, don't stay down, rise up, ask for mercy, repent and continue your walk with the Lord.
I love you!

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