In this segment, I will be concentrating on women who think of men as their jackpot, bank account, or Father Christmas. If you read YOU ARE NOT AN ACCESSORY you might be thinking that am gender biased because am a woman, no, there is nothing like that at all, I speak the truth not minding the gender or who is involved. I just write as am inspired to at any given time.
Do you know that not just men think of women as accessories but some women think of men as their jack pot, bank account or accessory? Some ladies have various boyfriends for various functions and purposes. They have one that is good for outing, one that is good for sex, one that is good for paying the bills and one that is okay for marriage.  Some ladies just believe that a man should be able to pay all their bills. Some date men just to drain them by acquiring their wealth. This is not right at all. It is self-destruction. Why would you destroy yourself? God created you for a purpose and such life is not in God’s plan for your life.

In the book of Matthew 16:26, the Bible says “What shall it profit a man if gains the whole world and loses his soul or what can you give in exchange for your soul”. You should always have eternity at the back of your mind. To be honest, this type of life-style profits nothing, there is no gain here or after here. You might think that you are wise and smart but you are destroying your body which is the temple of the Lord.

Men, please, don’t allow yourself to be manipulated and stop being wicked to yourself and to the people that genuinely love you. Some married men will starve their family at home but their side chicks will be taken proper care of, why? Some will ignore their parents and siblings that they are meant to help because they have numerous girls on their payroll. You are cheating yourself. Why? Some marriages are suffering from the mistakes of single days, you enter unnecessary covenants unknowingly.

There are still good women out there, please keep yourself for your wife. Let your fountain of life be blessed and rejoice with the wife of your youth.
Married men stick to your wives, single men abstain from sexual immorality, if you are burning, get married. Don’t forget that there is life after here and you will definitely give account of your life.
Maybe you really want to change but don’t know how to, come to Jesus today, accept Him as your Lord and Saviour, surrender your weaknesses to Him and He will see you through.   Jesus is worth living for!  
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Unknown said…
May the holy spirit continue to inspire you on what to teach each day. Remain blessed dear sister.
Peaceable Peace said…
Amen, thanks so much dear. God bless you.
Unknown said…
You are very correct my sister.