By Asika Chibueze Kingdom

Happy birthday to a friend and sister, sis. Wobo Peaceable Peace Munachiso is a devoted and passionate child of God, a prayer machine, a daughter of encouragement, a speaker, preacher and doer of the word of GOD, the Esther of our time, She shun evil and stand for the truth no matter who is involved, she is spirit filled and holy ghost empowered, a career lady, a woman of substance and power,  a sister that has focus and direction, an intelligent fellow, a lover of football Arsenal fan to be precise. I was with her for less than a year and knowing her has been a blessing to my life physically, academically, spiritually, financial and otherwise. My prayer for you Sis. Peace is that as you celebrate today your work of love will be remembered by the Lord and the grace to do more will be released in Jesus name. Amen

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