By Ayogu Onyedikachi


Happy Birthday to my very good sister Peace, an intelligent sister, a woman of God, and a prayer addict.

I came in to Auchi poly for my HND program and there i met a wonderful and spiritual sister in the person of sis peace manuchiso Wobo.

Birth/Growing up:  Sis Peace was born into the Big family of Wobo, in Obio-akpor local government of Rivers State. She grew up in the midst of many children but at a tender age she lost her Dad.
Though from a polygamous home, sis Peace was able to scale through the challenges of hates and mockery from the family.
Without hope or help from anywhere, she was able to finish her secondary education.

Christian Life: Sis Peace began her journey with Christ after secondary school, which eventually led to her  giving her life to Christ in November 2005.. She continued in the pursuit of Christ, through mentorship from her pastor and other spiritual giants. She later joined scripture Union which really contributed to her Christian growth. Sis peace continued in Christ even while in Nekede Poly in Imo State. She later went for her industrial training and this was a great time with God in her life. She actually had encounters in these times. She came to Auchi poly, and stretched out her spiritual abilities. We saw a prayer woman, an addict evangelist, and a woman of virtues. 
Sis Peace became our prayer secretary and bible study cord.  she is a woman that does what she preaches. She has her own prayer time. Her Bible study her always powerful. She is also a mentor to mentors. She actually mentored some of the young sisters in our fellowship. 
She can give her last for the sake of the body of Christ. She is a principled Christian sister and this even the demons knows it. She is contended with God's provision in her life and never need to envy the gains of lasciviousness as in the life of some sisters.

Social Life: As spiritual has she is, she is an Arsenal Fan. She will win Bet nija boys in arguing football. Infact all the boys in my street respects her accuracy in football. She jokes and plays . she eats in brothers house without any shyness, except for Snake meat.
Sis Peace can argue for Africa, chai, even me wey dey argue respect her in this matter. She cooks very well as it is with Ekwerre sisters. 

Academic: sis Peace is an intelligent woman, she graduated with distinction and got an Award for excellence from the national  council of scripture Union Nigeria. She used her academics to win many to Christ. Even her final year project supervisor confirmed it. Contently she has her blog which has been educative and spiritual. She teaches many on blogging techniques. She is entrepreneur and self dependent. She is a giver and good woman.

Happy birthday, my sister. My God will bless and give you pleasant surprises. 

From Kachi.

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Peaceable Peace said…
It was just once I put one guy in his oooo because he wanted to make me look like someone who didn't know anything about football.

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