How to earn free Bitcoin daily

By Peace Wobo

Hello dear,  I bring you a legit way of earning Bitcoin daily. How is this possible? You earn for using your data to surf the net and do other things you usually do on net. Stop spending without returns, earn Bitcoin for every data you burn.
You can earn money online from the data you use daily? Information is power. 

Please  follow this instructions.
Install CryptoTab browser and get real Bitcoins for using it. Your earnings will keep growing as long as you're watching YouTube, reading news and using your social network accounts daily.
Use this link to download CryptoBrowser: Click here
You can make a living from the data you use daily? Earning has taken a new form. The above link will take you to the website where you can download and install CryptoTab.
At the website, click the Google Play Icon to download the CryptoTab browser App. Also Read: Who is Ugly?
After installing it, you are to click the mine bitcoin button below. Adjust it to maximum and it will start reading. When ever you want to surf the net e.g. FB, Google, tweet e.t.c, make sure you use the browser. As you use the browser, the data you use will be credited to you as bitcoin.
It won't cost you anything but data. It is Free Of Charge (F.O.C). However, you must click this link to get started. Click Here Now

Contact me for more details if you don't understand or need more explanation.

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