What you must know about true greatness

By Peace Wobo
True Greatness
How do you define true greatness?  To be honest, true greatness can mean different things to different people with different beliefs and practices. There are so many great people in different fields, careers and endeavours. In football, Messi, C. Rinaldo, Nerman Jr, Modric and some others that time will  not permit me to mention are great football players. Serena Williams is a great Tennis Player, Usain Bolt was a great runner, President of any country is considered to be a great person but is that what true greatness is all about? Is true greatness measured by one's position and achievements? I don't think so. True greatness is not measured by a man's position and physical achievements.

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Rather,  True Greatness is an attitude of the heart that sincerely desires to live for God and others. Unlike earthly rulers, Christian leaders are expected to demonstrate true greatness by humbly serving God and His people. True greatness is a virtue that every Christian leader must posses.

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