M. Salah shows up at a fan's house

Premier League top scorer and Liverpool star Mohamed Salah has turned up at a fan’s house, who injured himself chasing the Egypt international.

The young fan named Louis Fowler and his brother were waiting outside the Melwood training ground for any Liverpool player to show up after training.

Louis then spotted Salah’s car leaving the training ground and started running in pursuit of the winger.

While running, Louis accidentally hit a lamp-post and was knocked out due to the impact of the collision.

Salah then turned his car around and drove to where Louis’ parents live to check if he was okay and to take pictures with him and his brother.

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Source: Kingfut

We can draw a lesson from this. Imagine what the visit of a football star did to a young champ. If only we can be more sensitive to the people around us, there are so many wounded soldiers out there that don't even get a call talk less of visit from other soldiers. Let's show more love and concern to the brethren. Let's show that we truly care. 

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