Treat us like the Queens we are

Charity they say begins at home. This saying can't be less correct as it is correctly said and evidently proven beyond doubt. Indeed, charity begins at home. This saying simply states that, however we will be perceived outside based on characters, morals, and upbringing begins at home. Do you know that some parents have left parenting for their children's teachers? Some parents expects teachers to do their home training for them. Haven't you seen or heard a parent raining abuses on a teacher for the child's misbehaviour before? Wow! What an irony! Teachers indeed have their part to play in raising great responsible future leaders but they can't play the role of parents as well as their roles.

Having established that charity begins at home, I will therefore focus on my message for today; which is the female gender. Every female, be it a girl, a young lady or a woman is a queen and should be treated as such. Since charity begins at home; Fathers, how do we treat our daughters? Brothers, how do we treat our sisters? Uncles, how do we treat our nieces? These are salient questions that we must learn to answer sincerely. Before we become wives, we were first of all daughters, sisters and nieces, how we get treated by our own plays out a lot in the future. How ever the men in our families treat us, will eventually tell on how we will get treated or allow to be treated by other men out there. If we are treated with less concern, care and attention and bullied by our fathers and brothers, we will end up thinking that every man is a bully and in most cases accept their bully in silence because it started with our families.

But when we are treated with love, respect and care, when our fathers and brothers treat us like the queens we are, we will actually expect that from any other man, when we come in contact with bullies, we can easily resist and fight back, refusing to be bullied because we have been raised with lots  of love, respect and care. Make us feel loved, make us feel protected, make us feel important, help us to carry ourselves with pride not being proud but knowing who we are.

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Treat us how you want our husbands to treat us in the future because charity begins at home.
Every woman is a queen, please treat us as such

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