How to Break Family Barriers?

Jesus the Barrier Breaker
What is that Barrier? There are lots of barriers we came to meet as children born into certain home, but what do we do after we must have been born again? The Story of the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well  in John chapter 4 explains this better.
There was a long lasting barrier between the Jews and the Samaritans. It was so serious that the Jews don't pass through Samaria for any reason and it remained that way until Jesus broke the barrier when He went to Galilee through Samaria and light came to the Samaritans, the long standing barrier was broken. Some of us often claim to be children of God but we still hold on to some ungodly beliefs passed down by our forefathers, some of us grew up to be enemies with a particular family or lineage because we were told a story that happened decades back. I know what am saying, because I came from such a family where there is enimity, quarrel, disassociation and all that, and I also saw for myself why those restrictions or barriers were there because some of my step brothers were indeed wicked and evil but when I got born again, I started associating with all of them and even eat in their house and nothing has happened to me since then because I now belong to Jesus. Some people still allow that barrier to affect their relationship with others but not Peaceable Peace.
We ought to hold on to good practices like family prayer and fasting day, thanksgiving day, etc but we should be able to say no to any ungodly practice. How can you have Jesus and still keep malice? How can you be a Christian and still avoid some tribe? 

Why do the Jews not associate with Samaritans?
From the Daily Guide: The Samaritans were the mixed-race descendants of intermarriages between Jews and foreigners brought in by their Assyrian conquerors to settle in their land.

While the Jews or Jewish people are an ethnoreligious group and a nation, originating from the Israelites and Hebrews of historical Israel and Judah.
They are the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They became a people through a covenant with God. In other words, they are the Israelites.

Based on our definition, you can see that the Jews believed they are better than the Samaritans and shouldn't have anything to do with them because  they are the real Abraham's children while the Samaritans are half Abraham's children or something like that.

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Is it not rather unfortunate that those who claimed to have Abraham as their father did not believe in the Messiah when He came but the Samaritans they despised believed and got saved and it happened through a woman that the community probably condemned as an immoral woman. 

Lesson: You could be born in a church by Christian parents but being born again is a personal decision you must make. Being born in a church will never save you.

It doesn't matter how deep you have gone into sin, if only you can call on Jesus today, confess and forsake your old ways, He will accept you and give you a much better life.

Once you have received Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour, do away with every wrong belief you have held unto for ages. I can't marry that tribe, we don't associate with them, it's a taboo to eat such good etc.

Jesus is a barrier breaker and if you truly are His child, you will equally break barriers.

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