You Could Be Sowing, Watering or Reaping

By Peace Wobo
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Daily Guide has been as awesome as always as we have been studying the book of John and I want to share with you some of the things the Lord has taught me just in the concluded week which I know will equally bless you.

Let's start with last Sunday's topic on Sowing, watering, reaping. Text is taken from John 4:31-42 (please read your Bible).
The saying of Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 3:6 New International Version
"I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow" made more meaning to me with better understanding. 
What I learnt:
When you find yourself in a place where people are responding to the gospel and genuinely turning from their sinful ways, please know that someone has laboured (sowed) there and another has watered and God brought the increase which you are harvesting, it is not just your hardwork rather you are reaping the harvest of another's labour and it's not bad but when you go to a place where people are not responding to the gospel, then know that you are a labourer,  God has sent you to sow, maybe you could also water or another will water, you might not reap any harvest of souls there. When this happens, don't be disheartened, give praise to God because you have laboured knowing that someday, someone will harvest and it is all to the glory of God because only God makes it possible because He alone brings the increase, not the sower, nor the one watering or the harvester. In all, you still need the leading of Holy Spirit to play your own part very well. I hope this encourages missionaries and believers in general.

I also learnt on Thursday that we don't have to bear witness of ourselves, don't blow your trumpet, let your work do that by showing forth the glory of God.

Saturday and this Sunday's reading left me with a question which we must all answer sincerely. The text is John 6:16-40 for both days. Why do I (we) really seek Jesus? Is it for job, husband, children or food? If God doesn't give me (you) any of this will you still love Him?
I was really surprised at the people asking Jesus what sign can He show in Jh.6:30 
Like seriously, He just fed them with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes and the extra filled 12 baskets, they came looking for Him again because of that single miracle yet they ask what sign can He show? Are there really at times we act like this people, that we quickly forget the goodness of God in our life and ask God unnecessary questions? 

It has really been awesome, I hope you this little I shared blesses you.

Father, in any way I have been ungrateful, please forgive me Lord.
May the LORD God help us in Jesus name amen.
Father help me to diligently to carry out whatever role You assign me at any given time in any location in the name of Jesus.

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