Since the world weeps, does it make a difference?

There are people who die and the whole world weep mostly because of their status in the world, but there are some that dies, only family, friends and close relatives weep because the world has no idea that they existed except people around them and people they have touched in their own little way. Death is inevitable, I do think of death and we all should. The problem is not really the physical death but the life after here. Some die and continue eternity with their maker while some others die and end up in hell. The difference between the two physically dead people was the choice they made while they still had breath in them and alive in this world. The sad news of the death of Kobe Bryant and Gianna his thirteen year old daughter which occured on Sunday the 26th of January, 2020 has been all over the news. It is truly a sad one and a great loss to NBA and lovers of Basketball. While reading some tributes on status after their passing away I came to learn that some people actually came to love Basketball because of this two but then, one question never left my mind "where will they spend eternity"?, "where they born again", "where are they right now? The world is crying for their loss but where are they headed now? 
Most notable men that die and the world weeps might only be known by men but not by God. Which would you rather prefer, to be known by men and not by God or to be known both by men and by God?
Worldly status has nothing to do with where anyone is going neither does it have anything to do with where the legend and his daughter is right now. People can weep from now to next month, write tributes and create art works to remember this two but it wouldn't make any difference or change where they already are now.

What about you, what about me? Bryant never thought of dying like this. If he knew belief me he wouldn't have boraded that flight even though it's his private helicopter and if at all he had any opportunity to decide, I belief he would have loved to save his daughter but he couldn't do any of this because he was good with basketball and he can change what happens while on the pitch, he had control over the game but not over his life. We can't protect what we don't have. Our lives belong to God and Him alone has complete control over it.
I pray that God will help the family through this difficult times.

Accept Jesus today and secure your eternity.

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