I am black and bold

I am adorable
I am am black
I am blessed
I am bold
I am cherished
I am caring and cared for
I am dedicated
I am diligent
I am eloquent
I am favoured
I am friendly
I am graced
I am gifted
I am honest
I am hardworking
I am intelligent
I am a Jesus lover
I am kind
I am lifted 
I am loved
I am a Manager created to manage
I am neat
I am nice
I am organised
I am Peaceable
I am a Queen
I am radiant
I am stable
I am skillful
I am strong though a weaker vessel
I am talented
I am transformed
I am unique
I am valuable
I am proudly a woman
And I love God
I believe in God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

I am Peaceable Peace

Still Celebrating International Women's Day. Happy International Women's Day to me and to every woman out there!
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Don't allow intimidation because you are a woman. Don't allow bully because you are a woman. Say no to Domestic Violence. Don't suffer in silence because you are a woman. You too have a right to speak, to smile, to work, to live freely. Don't let any man take away your happiness, don't suffer abuse and harassment in silence, speak up! You are loved!

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