Why do People Pray, get Confirmation from God but Later Discover that it wasn't God's Will?

I heard a story of a lady who had a suitor, she was a Christian, so she and her elders prayed to find out God's will and they all got confirmation that the man was God's will for her. In the process of time, as the wedding card was given out on invitation, a young man who got the IV recognized the man as someone he knew with wife and children. Fortunately, he traced the lady with the address on the card before the wedding date and it eventually came to reality that the young man was married. I pondered because it was mind-boggling;  "who them gave confirmation to the lady and her elders"? They said it was God, was it really God?

Why do people pray, get confirmation from "God" but later discover that it wasn't God's will?

Well, I have also heard someone say, I prayed about this man and heard God, I knew it was God that led me to this marriage but with what is happening, I doubt if he is God's will for me. People say, I prayed about this business and God gave me a go ahead but the business has failed totally in my hands. What happened? Who do we blame? God or Man?
One thing is for sure, God never breaks covenant and He can never be blamed for our mistakes. People make mistakes and say God allowed it for a purpose. My dear, is not everything that God allowed some you allowed, though He can make us better and use us to guide others after a mistake but it doesn't mean it was His will. If Joseph had slept with Potiphar's wife, maybe he would say, God allowed it for a purpose. Stop! Don't use God as a cover for your mess. You made that mistake, you realized it, He forgave you and helped you through so you could comfort others doesn't mean He made you do it.

And that is why you must face the consequences of all your mistakes. I know someone will bring up Romans 8:28 Yes! "All things works together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose". The people in this category are those who are led by the Spirit of God. (See Romans 8:14).

To answer the questions I have presented earlier, I will like to take us through Ezekiel 14:1-7 in Message Translation
:1 Some of the leaders of Israel approached me and sat down with me.
:2 God's Message came to me:
:3 "Son of Man, these people have installed idols in their hearts. They have embraced the wickedness that will ruin them. Why should I even bother with their prayers?
:4 Therefore tell them, 'The Message of God, the Master: All in Israel who install idols in their hearts and embrace the wickedness that will ruin them and still have the gall to come to a prophet, be on notice: I, God, will step in and personally answer them as they come dragging along their mob of idols.
:5 I am ready to go to work on the hearts of the house of Israel, all of whom have left me for their idols.'
:6 "Therefore, say to the house of Israel: 'God, the Master, says, Repent! Turn your backs on your no-god idols. Turn your backs on all your outrageous obscenities.
:7 To every last person from the house of Israel, including any of the resident aliens who live in Israel - all who turn their backs on me and embrace idols, who install the wickedness that will ruin them at the center of their lives and then have the gall to go to the prophet to ask me questions - I, God, will step in and give the answer myself.

According to Ezekiel,E you can see that everyone sited earlier got what was in their heart not God's perfect will. God searches the heart, you can't deceive Him, He knows when a man is pretending to seek His will whereas the man has a will already. When you have an idol in your heart, you will definitely get answer accordingly to the idol in your heart.

What is an idol? According to English Dictionary; An idol is a graven image or representation of anything that is revered, or believed to convey spiritual power.
My definition: An idol is anything you give first place in your life.  Anything that comes first before God.
God should be first, He becomes jealous when you give His place to another.

If your idol hasn't killed you, then you still have hope. You can repent and do the right thing. Jesus loves you!

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