Politics in the House of God

Who do we really blame? Many blame God, some blame men, some others blame situations while some blame all. Real men don't denounce and accuse, real men fight in their own little way to make impact and enforce positive change. 
Unfortunately, the real culprit is always behind the scene, we hardly spot him or even make mention of him but he has always been the source of all abnormality and evil even in the midst of brethren. I believe you know who am referring to here, yes! It's the devil. He started with Eve at the Garden of Eden and hasn't seized from such evil since then and now he is fully in the church.

Have you not wondered why men seek men to be loyal to them in the name of the Lord but not loyal to the God that owns all humans? It surprises me how people use the name of the Lord to manipulate and put others in bondage. 

Am not against loyalty to man or to human authority but my loyalty to man should be in accordance to my loyalty to God. I have issues with people who expect me to loyal to them while disobeying God because I won't.
Example: The Lord commands us not to steal, then I work with a Pastor who always asks me to divide the offering into two, record half and bring  the other half to him unrecorded, and because he's my Pastor I obey him while disobeying God. I remain loyal to him in stealing and in telling lies because I always also do get some benefits from him. 
That loyalty is questionable and sinful to God. Tomorrow, when another person eventually takes over that wouldn't succumb to the Pastor's dubious ways, the Pastor will begin to employ all his connections just to deal with the new person, he might even attempt to murder him and in return use his powers to bring someone that will remain loyal to him. This is why honest and sincere people often have issues with dishonest people at work. 
Well, did I say it surprises me? No, it doesn't because the devil is behind it all. Yes! You might be asking how? The devil is the master behind every evil in the world today. Men have sold their souls to the devil because of worldly gains and such men have found themselves in the church.

It is so unfortunate that those who are loyal to men and not to God get all the credits. Dubious things are happening in the church these days, all to pollute the saints of God, but God's elect cannot be polluted nor will the body of Christ be polluted because so many ungodly men have crept in unannounced in attempt to polluting the church but you and I  are the church. Have you been polluted? Those who are loyal to God in all sincerity also get credits and theirs is usually the best because it is recognized by God and man. 

What is Politics? Politics is any activity aimed at improving someone's status or increasing power within an organization.

Politics spotted in the midst of believers is unbelievable. Appointments and positions in Church are given these days not by the leading of the Holy Spirit or even casting of lots as it was done in the olden days but by manipulative means. Men choose men that will be loyal to them and not to God.

The rate at which humans, 'Christians' back-bite and sell off one another for personal gain and interest is indeed demoralizing. That's exactly what Politicians do, they sell one party for the benefit of their own party.

I have been in the church for one and a half decade of my life and as such have seen some of these evils play out. One must know what God says to be able to stand out among corrupt ungodly men parading themselves as godly men.

Fortunately, there are indeed genuine Christians that I have come across so far, men who will not succumb to any amount of pressure, I have worked and served with honest and upright men who would never compromise and I have encountered few of the ungodly.

You! Would you stand for Christ and make a difference? Or would you rather denounce and accuse without putting up a fight? Jude instructed us to contend for the faith that was once handed over to us. Real Christians fight and victory is always guaranteed.

Say NO to any form of politics when you see it been played out or attempted to be played out in the church you have been planted to serve God. 

Don't be a politician in church. Anything you do in church for self glory is Politics because things should be done to the glory of God alone.

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