Hypocrites love to pray

I love this wonderful write up by Pst Sekou Abodunrin

According to Jesus in Matthew 6

Hypocrites love to pray.

The heathen love to pray.

The saints should also pray.

According to Jesus in Luke 18,

The Pharisee prayed with himself!

Yet, Jesus did not tell His disciples NOT TO pray. He expected them to pray. He taught them to pray. Therefore do not talk down on prayer.

This is not the same thing as swallowing hook, line, and sinker the things anyone says on account of their loving to pray.

It was Pharisees, Priests, elders and High Priests who were given to prayer that killed Jesus.

If you are not discerning, there are men on the prowl, who are given to prayer, who will kill your discernment and leave you miraculously confused.

Therefore, do not be confused by the fact that people give themselves to prayer, and assume that as a result, they must be speaking correct things. If you do so, you have let your guards down and it will needlessly confuse you spiritually. 

You should give yourself to prayer as you closely examine whether you are praying as Jesus and the apostles instructed to pray in the word. Let the word adjust your practice, even in prayer.

Let the written word, rightly divided, lead you to Pray. Pray scripturally. Pray as one that gives the word of God first place in your life.

Pst Sekou Abodunrin
Good morning Saints

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