December 2002 it was, in the city of Kano, Nigeria!
I had just finished my mandatory one-year youth service and was praying for what’s next. My youth service was enriched by the Lord with encounters and opportunities to be stretched by Him in congruity with His eternal ordination for my life. By the Lord’s mercies I had spent three-quarters of my service year in prayer and fasting. A very strange hunger for the Lord had been ignited in my heart and quite frankly I could not wrap my head around it. All I wanted to do was, as expressed by Tommy Tenney, chase God!
‘Go back to Kano, your work there is not yet done’, was the Lord’s response to me.
So I packed my bag and went back to Kano. I went right back into what I was doing: Seeking the Lord and sharing fellowship with my brethren at Hosanna Good News Fellowship, Bompai Police Barracks, Kano. I picked up a teaching job at the same school I had served as a corper. This was already in 2003!
By grace and mercy, I continued with the Lord. And as I did, He began to drop seeds and blueprints that’d eventually form the pulsing core of the operations of my ministry.

Then the high point of my obedience to the heavenly vision in Kano came: The summary of this encounter is the mandate that would birth what is now known as the Remnant Christian Network. The Lord emphatically told me that there would be an apostolic explosion from the heart of Nigeria which would engulf all of Nigeria, then to the rest of Africa and beyond. This of course seemed farfetched at the time. But we be believed and followed all the same.

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