Some are like Substitute Players 2

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It is so easy to identify Christians like Gabriel Jesus in an environment. They are very active and sensitive. They know what to do for the benefit of the team (that's the body of Christ) per time and always. 

Gabriel Jesus does not play for self glory, he is a striker that is more interested in the success of the team than having goals to his name. What amazes me about this player is that, he keeps the opponent defenders busy for 90minutes, he knows when to fall into the midfield to get the ball, he falls back to assist in defense and he does his job well as a striker, he might be in the 18box yard with an opportunity to score but would rather pass to a teammate in much better position to score than him. He is currently the only striker with highest assist in EPL. This guy gives his best on and off the pitch. Each time I watch him, am amazed at his contributions in every match. Ever since he came to Arsenal, every Arsenal Fan can testify to the changes he has brought because it has been evident, nevertheless, it has been team work to what Arsenal is doing now, it's all thanks to the team and not just Gabriel.

When a Christian is like Gabriel Jesus. In every environment he or she steps into, the demons adjust, they know that someone on fire is around, they are careful to mess with such a one because they know that the outcome would be disastrous to their kingdom. Oh! So you don't know that some demons wants to avoid some kind of people? They don't even want to cross their path. Yes! Demons are scared of a Christian on fire.
Christians like him, are prayerful, sensitive to the Holy Spirit, takes the study of the word seriously, they are intercessors. When they see a department in church failing, they go on their knees and give whatever physical contribution they can to see that that department work because they know that the church is us and if one department fails we all fail and if all departments does well, the body of Christ is edified and blossoms. They are interested in the assembling together of the brethren, they encourage brethren to love and to do good works. They will give their all to see that the name of our Lord is being glorified. They don't envy people with other gifts that they don't have, they don't bring down a fellow believer just to gain self praise, they rather build up and contribute their quota to seek things work to the glory of God.

Beloved, God wants us to be active players and not just substitutes. He wants us to put our gifts to work. He wants us to make the most use of every opportunity He gives to us, He wants us to carry out our assignment with a sense of urgency and understanding. God wants us to give our best and all. He doesn't want us to seek self glory but to live a life that will bring Him glory. He wants us to terrorize the kingdom of darkness by living holy and righteously wherever we find ourselves.

Beloved! Are you a substitute Christian or an active one?

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