Some are like Substitute Players

On Friday, 11th November, 2022, I was walking to one of the School's I usually visit, along the way, the Lord engaged me in a talk. 
Take this; God usually relates to us according to our level of understanding of who He is and also according to the level of our mental capacity and things we are well knowledgeable of. What I mean is this, God will use your field, profession and  the level of information you have acquired to pass a message to  you in most cases. He would rather use things you're familiar with to pass a message to you. I hope that's understood?

Alright, let's proceed. The Lord engaged me with my football knowledge and referred to a player I know and watch very well "Gabriel Jesus". 

In a football team, each player works very hard to make the first eleven, no serious player wants to be on the substitute bench or always be featured as a substitute but the training ground is the determinant factor. Efforts put in there and fitness level which can only be determined by the coach is where decision is always made for who will start and who wouldn't. Each player, wants to be on his best for the success of the team, every player works so  hard to be at his best for the team, there is unity of purpose, "I want to give my best for the team". Though some players may be outstanding in their performance and could be rewarded for their outstanding performance like, MVP, MoM, Top Goal Scorer award etc. In a football match, you don't play with selfish interest but you play for the team's success and that's why selfish players always end up in the bench.

Now, the team suffers when one player is failing in his role, just one player can do so much harm to the team in a match. Isn't that strange? The weakness of a player can so much be evident and can spoil the effort of the whole team, the team can play better with less a player in field than a player in field that fails to do the right thing. 

The big question! Do you know that some of the students you visit are like Substitute Players? They always attend fellowship, they come to School's Rally and LVC but they are never found to be serious in training ground, they don't work hard or show seriousness behind the scene so they always end up as substitute without even coming up to feature in any match except that their name always appear in substitute bench. They are the ones who joke with their personal quiet time and prayer, they are never available. When am looking for students to stand in the gap, they are not there, when I need a student to use as a Role Model they are not there, when I come to their place of quiet time, they are lagging behind. They are substitutes that are not ready to work hard but sometimes blames the coach for not featuring them but the coach can't use them except off course there's an injury or red card case. 

As Christians, we are like footballers in a team, though salvation is personal, we train and work hard in the place of prayer and study of the Word to become better Christians for the building and edifying of the Church and the body of Christ. We do this to become committed church members, labourers in His vineyard, and ambassadors of our Lord and Saviour. No gift is for yourself or self glorification, you're rather gifted to be a blessing to the body of Christ (the team). That's why workers are needed in every Church or Christian Association. Unfortunately, some in our churches and fellowships are never building their prayer life and barely studies the word, they have refused to grow, so each time God needs a man, they seem to be physically available but they are never spiritually and mentally available - they are just substitutes. God looks at them and feels disappointed, they only take up responsibilities when they are forced to do so and they do it negligently.

My lack of prayer, study and failure to mature can affect the body of Christ and slow or even hinder the work of God in my environment or local church. 
Prayer: Lord, may I not be an instrument of hindrance to Your work in Jesus name, Amen.

Now let's talk about Gabriel Jesus, you know  I mentioned him earlier and said he was used as an example. 
So much lessons learnt from this footballer. 

To be continued....

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